This song 🎡 is a good music 🎷that have transform majorities of people....especially Ehugbo indigenous,

All about this Ehugbo Current Affair started like play like play ▶️ but they is something marvelous about this Ehugbo Current Affair! 

This song 🎡 have makes a away to majorities in my home 🏠 town......  It's a banger everybody falls in love ❤️ when blast... Elderly And Younger! A danceable hit jamz.. God bless πŸ™ all my people from Ehugbo....I appreciate all the dj's out there and medias.....all my special thanks goes to my family..... Akaa Egwu Ocha And Greatness Egwu Ocha Akaa. 

I appreciate my great adviser Sylvia Chinenye Aruaotuu Akaa.. Stay Tune as you listen πŸ‘‚ to this wonderful melody Ehugbo Current Affair!!

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