Angel and Soma finally ends their love story (What A World, Take Love Too Serious At Your Own Risk)


Did you ever think that these two would break up one day with all the efforts and trends they both created? Every media platform was on fire and I'm shocked that they ended it today and the shame was too deep to allow it to surface until this very moment. I'm not happy with breakups, believe me, but take love seriously at your own risk.

You clearly know that the reason I said that you would take love seriously at your own risk is simply because of how two lovely people suddenly end a love story that, in one way or another, serves as an inspiration to others.

Tell me what the people you are already inspiring would feel now after finding out about the breakup.

Now, after all is said and done, Angel and Soma finally end their love story... stop following each other on Instagram. I'm not so happy with this new development.

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