WizKid Is Humble and Down to Earth: 16-Year-Old Upcoming Nigerian Artist Qing Madi Speaks


I promise to keep you all updated on daily trends and information on topics in life, entertainment and more. This is starting to make sense now, listen to what this young rising star has to say about Wizkid, remember it's the same Wizkid that many people have been condemning: "Wizkid doesn't know he's really Wizkid.

She further added: I met Wizkid a few weeks ago and I was surprised by the casual way he behaved. He seemed unaware of his superstar status. At one point, I almost wanted to ask if he was really Wizkid. He behaved like a normal person – very calm and humble. He told jokes and tried to entertain my sister and me. You know, the other day it was Basketmouth and today Qing Madi.

When I arrived, he called me a superstar, and I jokingly asked, 'Are you talking about me, or are you introducing yourself?'

I got to spend some time with him and had a mini interview. He gave me advice that has really helped me in my career." — 16-year-old Nigerian upcoming artist Qing Madi

This proves that no matter what you do in life, not everyone will like you or recognize the good in them and all you need to do is just your best and leave the rest to God.

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