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Singer Ogocity is a gospel artist, singer and songwriter whose music is a testimony of faith and a reflection of the goodness of God.
     in her way transmitting good vibrations of the gospel
With a heart for worship and a passion for spreading the message of God's love in Christ Jesus, Ogocity's music resonates with listeners on a spiritual level of gospel melody.

The song “Buen Dios” is one of Ogocity's latest singles, a sincere hymn of praise and gratitude to God for his faithfulness and love, demonstrated with the death, burial and resurrection of Christ Jesus. The song is a testament to Ogocity's unwavering faith and her belief in the power of God's goodness for humanity. This hit single “Good God” will resonate in the hearts of listeners as they have all experienced the goodness of God in their lives.

Ogocity's journey in music began with the release of one of her singles titled "Citizen" and "I Am", which were sung in 2022 and 2023 respectively. These songs, born from a deep reverence for God, have touched the hearts of many and set the stage for Ogocity's impactful ministry.

Ogocity's music is a blend of gospel, soul and contemporary sounds, infused with powerful lyrics that speak to the soul. Her music is a form of worship, lifting up the name of Jesus and proclaiming his greatness, highlighting his sacrifice for humanity on the cross.

I must say that in addition to “Good God”, Ogocity is working on new music that will continue to inspire upliftment and bless the hearts of listeners around the world. With collaborations and projects that reflect her passion for God and her love for her son Jesus, Ogocity is poised to make a lasting impact on the world of gospel music.

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