What is going on here please


I don’t want to say I regret my marriage but at this point in time, I wish I could take a break from my marriage and rest my head somewhere before my wife kills me. Our marriage is only six months old but what I’m going through makes me feel like I’ve been married forever.

At first, she told me, “I don’t want us to delay childbirth so get your act together.” I didn’t think much of it until my wife started cutting me to pieces with shuperu.

Before I wake up in the morning, she’ll collect. When I come back from work, she will take it. Immediately I come from the bath, she’ll collect it because I’m looking fresh. When she joins me in bed, she’ll collect it. She’ll take it at dawn and sometimes tell me she can’t sleep so we should go again.

For two weeks straight, this woman was doing this to me until one day my kinky didn’t respond. I told her, “We’ve done enough. You should be pregnant by the end of the month. Let’s take a break.”

By the time I realized, she was having baby oil in her hand. She said, “You don’t have to worry. Leave it to me. I will make it get up.” Hundred hours of massaging later, I got mid-erection. She said, “I’ll manage it like that.”

She’s also not the kind of woman whose body is closer to her. She can do it for several minutes and tell you, “I haven’t come so relaxed for me.”

At this moment it’s hard to be her husband. Because of her, I can’t walk around naked in our room. She sees me naked, she will eat, whether I like it or not. So I sleep in shorts and a singlet, something I hate doing.

Days ago, she came home with plenty of herbs. She ground them on a stone and put them in akpeteshie and gave it to me. She said, Drink a tort in the morning and a tort in the evening to recharge. You’re becoming weak these days.”

Last night my "kinky" didn’t get up no matter how hard she tried so she put it in her yanky and started twerking. She was like, “Even if you’re dead you’ll resurrect to discharge your God-given duties.”

I didn’t sleep all night because she was twerking all night to resurrect what was dead. I have to fight her. I had to push her away, take a pillow and go to the hall and sleep. In the morning he was like, “It’s morning. Can I come for the morning one since there was no show last night?”

I want to run away but to where? Is there any medicine a wife can take to reduce libido? I mean something that would make her forget about shuperu for a while. I need a break and that break would only come when she’s not in the mood. Please tell me if there’s something like that. I don't care about the cost. I will buy it and find a way to make her take it.

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