Truth about Onitsha rich men


It is only in Onitsha you will see men who built this type of house trek to market on short and slippers. They engage in intense negotiation even it is pure water they wanted to buy. Some people accuses them of being stingy to themselves.

The truth is that they are not trying to be stingy to themselves. They are not in anyway trying to "manage" the money. If they are extravagant, they will not be able to build such a house(s).

Some Igbo men are just used to normal life and value simple life a lot. The time you will know they are multi millionaire is when you see their wives and kids, then you will know they are rich. 

Also , if you try to find his trouble or make a case with him, that is when you will know whom you are dealing with.

It's their lifestyle and it was learnt.It has  its pros and cons but that's how majority of them were able to make and keep money - delaying immediate gratification and ignoring luxurious living

Onitsha main market man can enter Keke to go buy a property that worth #50million - #100 million. It  doesn't stop him from spending 300k on his side chick during the weekend. And also it doesn't stop his children from lavishing all their father's money and investments once he dies. 


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