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BREAKING NEWS 😭😭😭😭 "You Were Je@lous Of Junior Pope Because He Acted Lead Roles Even Though He Met You In The Industry"- Popular Nollywood Actress And Movie Producer, Adanma Luke exp0s£s TC Okafor😭

Adanma Luke, a Nollywood actress, has called out her colleague, TC Okafor, for allegedly using the recent boat mish@p that k!ll£d Junior Pope and others for content. 

It all started when TC Okafor shared a movie promo on Facebook, writing: "Fanta Of Life Full video out now on my Facebook page Tcvirus W//S :::

In response to this via comment section, Adanma Luke accus£d TC Okafor of using the recent boat mish@p that claimed several l!ves, including Junior Pope's, for content, which she considered insens!tive and expl0it@tive.

The movie producer recounted how the actor had previously expressed je@lou$y towards Junior Pope, stating that he came into the industry before him and even wrote his name on his first audition, but Junior Pope went on to achieve success and play lead roles.

She Wrote,

"So it's actually true you now use this whole incident for content. You told your colleagues on set how you came to the industry before JP and how you were the one that wrote his name for him on his first audition and now he his playing lead ahead of you.


The £nvy and je@l0usy in the industry is on another level. Hopefully this incident makes you the super star you wanted so desperately," 

A fan @gazabritishh defended TC Okafor and bl@med Adanma Luke, writing: "@adanmaluke go and invest in l!fe jacket and stop looking for who to bl@me because fact still remain you never provide jackets and ppl don kpai." 

Adanma replied: "@gazabritishh if I buy you a flight ticket, am I suppose to come inside the flight and tell you to wear your seat belt or is it the duty of the flight attendant? Am I suppose to be the one to tell an adult not to distract a pilot? You all choose to blame me because it's Ada but enough of it already. I l0st my friends and feel b@d because it could have been avoided. Once I d!e you will satisfy your craving."😭😭😭”

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