May Edochie X Zubby Michael in a movie titled : I chose you


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For those of you who have been Wondering how Yul Edochie must be feeling seeing May Edochie  with Zubby Micheal  in a movie Titled “ I choose you” 

Let me tell you one secret about Men , When the heart of a man goes to another woman completely, He doesn’t care if you are dining with Mark Zukabag. I don’t know why Yul Edochie lost connection with May edochie but I can tell you sincerely that he wouldn’t care about Them acting together provided he is happy with his new woman Judy Austin Yul Edochie . I wish May Edochie success but I don’t  think Yul edochie will feel the way you all thought he would feel . For me, anyone can marry May he doesn’t care anymore. If he actually cares , he would not have been doing what he is doing in his page with his new woman Judy Austin Yul Edochie. So I think Zubby is free to Rock May if May wants . Pray make the love your man has for you no evaporate from his eyes , once it happens, he doesn’t care about what is happening in your life anymore. Men are like that when they actually say it’s over 

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