Listen to what Eriga paper boy has to say

 "Prostitution is now hookup, Charm is now Grace, Bad character is now mood swings, Fake life is now packaging, A broke young man is poor but a broke young woman is a strong woman, Happiness now depends on drugs, Happiness now depends on drugs, Drunkard now see addiction as excuse to depression. Molly is now the real joy giver, Smokers now see it as a means of taking away their pains, Cultism is now the norms definition of real men, Money now paddles the canoe of love.

Meanwhile "I'm the table is now the slogan of a lady in relationship. Our old time friends are now strangers due to change in financial status, Brothers now selecting brothers according to their standards, WHAT A FOWARDED GENERATION"

Morals thrown to the wind,-⛔️ Erigga

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