Word's of wisdom coming from Comedian Mc Akarakatv Popularly know as Djey Funkki.


Hellov my fans, ACs, hand fans, table fans and siosio medium family .

No allow anybody pressure u o.

Everybody is either coming out from a lot, going through a lot or going into a lot.

Enjoy every bit of your life o. The world is billions of years old and we only have 100 plus to live on it before leaving .

U must win some, lose some and late some go . That's the principle of life .

Yes na your mates wey de collect all the dollars and liveing all the lavish lives that u wish and work hard to have . But na your mates de die every day too. 

Always remember say streets get time to give and a time to take. If u over stay your time, u go begin de pay demurrage .

Everyone is one a special duty on earth .

Thank you

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