What happened to mr I GREET YOU BOSS 🤔 By the name Wisdom247


Popular Edo state comedian with the name Wisdom247 has slided out of trends and he's no longer relevant after all the huge success and the recognition he  received months ago.😞

It's been months and non of his videos are trending anymore why did this happen.

In a personal opinion he lost his fame because he couldn't change or add up to his pattern of comedy and fans got tired of his "I greet you boss" slang and moved on to other content creator who's recreate new ideas in every video.

If you revisit his page you would see that he has been doing the same thing over and over again and fans aren't ready to watch the same thing over and over again everytime.

In case you don't know he has linked up with the likes of davido, zlantan ibile, Odumudublvck, Peruzzi and even burnaboy once used his slang to tweet during a troll against him in Twitter.

His popularity rised to a level he couldn't adapt and try something new to increase fame rather he continued his pattern and he's wearing off slowly until the industry forgets him.

We pray he doesn't end up like others who got up and fell off,

But anyways 'I GREAT YOU BOSS 😁😆" 

Help me touch that guy, yes____ that one wey hungry wan kill__ yes....😂đŸ¤Ŗ

I greet you.😁

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