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If a DNA test proved a child is not yours, you are free to crash the marriage if you want but please try as much as possible to maintain your relationship with the child, especially when the child is used to you, that child is innocent and sees you as a father, i know it will be difficult but if you have the capacity to take care of the child even after divorcing the mother please do it, that innocent child can't just start seeing you as a stranger after all the years spent and played together. 

No matter where they go, try to always reach out to the child and ask how he/she is doing, ask what they want and give if you have, tell them you traveled that you will be back soon. 

Allow them to grow and find out why you have been away, by then they will be matured enough mentally to process the fact that you're not the real father, allow the innocent child to call you daddy and also try and be a father figure if you have the capacity, unless the mother denied you access or the real father claimed the child, after all most of you even take care of children that don't even know you, all in the name of being kind to stranger. 

If you think otherwise of this post, pls respect my own personal opinion and advice to people, you can agree or move on, don't come and start any useless argument on my comment section, write your own opinion on your timeline, i won't comment on it. - Steven Ukpabi (CEO First Treebones)

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