This is the best support you can give your fellow artist. Timaya shares how Tiwa Savage featured on his song without charging him a dime


“I messaged Tiwa Savage so we could collaborate on a new song and when I asked her how much she charges, she laughed and she was like ’how I go dey bill my own legend now? Push me the instrumental mek I enter studio drop something for you sharp sharp’.  Funny enough I sent her the beat and within 48 hours she sent me her verse. I was surprised that she’s still this humble despite all the success she has achieved. She has earned my respect forever” _ Timaya speaks on his soon to be released collabo witb Tiwa Savage,

Believe me, I always feel happy when I hear that an artist chooses an artist and has a good delivery, and always the part of doing this without charging anything is also what makes me love them more, not because it is free but because I am a giver and A generous person understands the importance of doing things from the heart and the blessings that come from it.

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