Soldier Girl Chapter Two : The Fourth Element - Written By Rihanne Maya




The Fourth Element

"The military men are closed by already," She hauled herself in the mud with her eyes tightly shot,as labour pains severely pricked her like thousands of pins. " I have to be real quick,else we will be killed together. " 

The intensity of the pains increased which led to gnashing of her teeth. 

"My baby is coming out! Yes my baby is here," She gasped for air trying to push out the baby. " If - I - don't - push - I might - die - with - my - baby. " She stuttered continuously in pains as she sweated and forcefully pushing the baby out of her. 

A few moments later, the baby slid out of her," She's so beautiful!" The smile on her face was priceless," My daughter,leave for your father and I. " She softly held me in her tender embrace and closed her eyes. 

Her brown eyes fluttered open. She pressed her palms firmly on the cold wet ground and propped herself up. She had long brown hair that curled at the bottom. Small freckles splattered across her cheeks and nose, it was almost like the stars in the night sky. The surrounding area was unlike something she had ever seen before. It was getting dark and quiet, the only noises were coming from the night bugs. Her eyes scanned the forest to see if she could make out where she was. All along she was in the mountains by the riverside. 

Although she appeared calm with the baby on her embrace her heart was erratic, beating at a thousand miles per hour.

She got to her feet and wiped away the dead leaves and dirt from her shirt and pants. She wore a dark grey gown, a pair of tight faded grey jeans, black combat boots that were double knotted.

She quietly moved into the water,since the noises from the strange men were drawing closer at every passing moment. 

She lowered me into the water with my head up and called for help as she gently washed the blood stains from my skin," I pray that the waters keep my baby Amaya safe from the hands of those military men. Even if I have to die along the lane,please keep my baby safe for me. " She cried profusely. "Some day,we will definitely get to see each other. "

She pulled me out of the water and hid me behind the bushes at the river shore,just some meters away from the water. And then again,the pouch started reacting with orbs of blurring lights fluttering around it swiftly. 

She quickly grabbed the bag and buried it in the wraps of cloth used to wrap my body," They must be close already. " 

"Tara!" The commanding officer called angrily," Oh! You finally have the baby,now if you wish to live with your newborn baby,give the pouch to me. " The man queried with his arm stretched towards my mother. 

"No way! You can't have this pouch! King Haran can't have this stones. It is a gift for my husband from his late father. " Mum thundered as she soaked herself in the water,with a cloth like pouch held tightly. 

Streams of blood kept spurting out of her body. She also looked tired and needed to rest after her self delivery. 

"Get her and the pouch!" The man commanded. So the military men went all out for her,but mum threw the pouch at them," Here have it!" 

The commanding officer flung the pouch mid air and opened it," Yes! This is the pouch of the amulet stones. History has it that whoever that founds the four amulet stones would be immortal and powerful!" He smiled to his ears as he opened the pouch to confirm what's inside. 

"What?! There's nothing in it,this is not the pouch! Where is the original pouch woman?" He thundered as he unsheathed his knife at my mum. 

Mum quickly loosened up herself and drew back into the water," You can't have it! I'd rather die than to see you have them. "

"Kill her!" The commanding officer commanded. 

So groups of military men unsheathed their knives and rolled up against her. But to her greatest surprise,the river emanated swiftly against the military men. 

The water came together to form a huge human figure in the river,rising up against the intruders. 

The water swept them off their feet and slammed them against the trees in the forest. They fell back with a hard thud. 

Some of them got fractured skulls and bones at the process.

"The god of the ocean is against us! He's here!" Some of the men struggled on their feet and staggered out of sight. 

But the commanding military officer brought out a charm and stretched it out against the Water-god and enchanted. 

When the Water-god had seen that the military men had disappeared out of his sight,he returned into the water and the water became calm again. 

"He's gone! The water god is gone!" They started to shoot themselves out of their hidings,gathering back at the riverside. 

The military men rushed all out on my mum and she was ceased against her will. 

"The fourth stone!" The commanding officer called. 

"You can't possibly get hold of the water-monster,he's way more powerful than this charm in your possession. " One of the military men said. 

"History also has it that the Water-god does not go anywhere without his crowned prince!" He smirked the moment he let out these words from his mouth," In essence,the child of the Water-god should be around here. " 

"So,you mean to say that the fourth amulet stone is the son of the Water-god?" One of the military men asked. "This is a dangerous game,hunting for the children of the gods and goddesses. "

"The three stones in the pouch are the children of the goddess of fire,the goddess of wind and the goddess of the earth. "Another military man shifted in. 

"Exactly,and he should be around here even as the father is gone!" The commanding military officer said with a smirk. 

He gently approached the water and a small water- being emerged forming a human figure. 

"I knew it. " The commanding military officer quizzed. "He is Hermione,the only son of the Water-god Hermes. "

He quickly stretched out his charm against the little water-being and he was turned into a transparent stone like ice. He quickly wrapped it up and plunged it into his pocket. 

"Now we have the fourth stone,where are the remaining three?" He thundered at my mum. 

"I do not have them!" Mum quizzed. 

"Good! Kill her then!" The man commanded his men.

... To The Continued.

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