Soldier Girl Chapter Three : Baby Amaya - Written By Rihanne Maya




Baby Amaya

The military men went all out for my mum following the order of the commanding military officer. They grabbed and adopted her. 

The military men stretched through the forest but nothing about the drawstring pouch was found. So they returned to king Haran thereafter. 

"My king,we couldn't get the pouch after Tara jumped off the mountain cliff," The commanding military officer said. " We lost it in the river down at the  feet of the mountain. " 

"Nonsense! That's nonsense! You must get that pouch! I don't care how you intend to do that. Get it!" King Haran thundered. 

"Yes sir!" The military men answered. 

"Tara! I guess you have decided your fate already," King Haran quizzed. " Throw her into the dungeon. " 

The military men grabbed my mum and threw her into a dark pit. 

"My king,I have a good news," The commanding officer said with a smile. " I have the fourth amulet stone. " He plunged his hand into his pocket and popped out the transparent amulet stone.

"What's this? Diamond? Prism?" King Haran asked. 

"No my king,this is Hermione,the son of the Water-god, Hermes. " The commanding officer said. "We were attacked by the father some moments ago. The son also tried after the father had left! That was how I caught and turned him into a transparent stone. "

"This is unbelievable!" King Haran exclaimed as he gently approached the transparent stone. 

He collected the stone and stared intently into it," I have been waiting for this moment to behold the water stone and here it is! 

King Haran firmly gripped the stone in his palm and suddenly,a body of water, almost always a river emanated,swiftly curling up his entire body,but his clothes were not drenched," Now I have obtained the water extraction power. " King Haran flashed a smirk at his subordinates,the military men. 

For what seemed like king Haran wanted to exercise his dominance by flexing his newly acquired water extraction power,he proposed sending the military men into the ocean to capture the Water-god, Hermes. 

"We are going into the ocean to capture the king of the ocean,Hermes!" King Haran proposed. 

One of the military men opposed his proposal," My king,the Water-god Hermes is too powerful for ordinary mortals like us to behold. He will kill us all for even adopting his son in the first flight,let alone laying a shoot at bim. " 

King Haran flared up angrily as he could not stand his servant's disobedience," How dare you! You foolish servant. " He then shrugged off the wavy and lustrous water curling around his body,by dispatching it against the disobedient military man. 

A rush of water surged against the military man,submerging him against a rocky edge. He sustained a fractured skull,separated spines ,broken ribcages and died at the point he was heavily slammed. 

The discharged waters issued a flowing stream rushed back to king Haran immediately after the disobedient military man had died. The water curled up his body and finally, the temperature of the water dropped below zero degree Celsius and froze out turning into a icy bracelet on the king's wrist. 

"Wow! The water turned into a frozen bracelet!" King Haran got overwhelmed at what had happened. He looked at the icy bracelet on his wrist with transparent straps and a edgy tip and smiled. 

The military men that witnessed the shocking incident became scared at what king Haran had done to their man with his newly acquired power.

"Get everyone ready, tomorrow morning,we shall pay the ocean king an unexpected visit!" King Haran smirked the moment he concluded. 

"Yes sir!" The military men responded. 

"Then,we will go all out for the remaining three amulet stones," King Haran quizzed. " I can't wait to obtain the remaining three powers,the fire,wind and the earth. I have gotten just one at the moment! I can't wait to control the universe,and see all men bow before me!" 

The pale-yellow sun beat down on the tropical rainforest,forcing a darker shade of emerald green back into the trees and foggy grasses by the riverside as the horizon grew into a tinted-orange,giving out a shaded effect in engraving. 

Night birds chirped their ways through and bugs buzzed in waspy manners. 

An old woman and her husband was returning from the farm that evening when they stopped by the riverside in the heart of the mountains to get some water before returning to their village. 

She lowered herself as she fetched some water with an earthen pot,when suddenly a baby cry emerged behind them.

"That I just hear a little child giggle,or was that a cry from mosquito bites?" The old woman inquired confusingly. 

"It could be that the spirits of the rainforest are trying to play tricks on us. We'd better start going," The husband responded. "

The resonance of her cry emanated even stronger as it was getting dark and cold at the same time. 

"That's a baby,but who could have left or forgotten a child in the forest?" The old woman inquired confusingly again. 

The old woman sharpened the thought of her husband to believe it was no ghost that was playing pranks on them. They later found the baby  that evening. 

"There's a pouch by the baby's side with a name inscribed on it," The old woman said. "It says, ' Amaya ' is her name. " 

"Then she's Amaya by name," The husband responded. " That means , whoever that had kept her here knew that someone would find her,that was why she left an inscription on the pouch, engraved in clay sand. "

After much investigation and it was a clear-cut that they weren't ghosted by anyone,they returned home with the baby.

That's me and my name is Amaya. I am the Soldier Girl!

... To The Continued.

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