Soldier Girl Chapter Six : Garazinga Hills - Written By Rihanne Maya




Garazinga Hills

My friends and I had just gone to fetch firewoods on the outskirts of our village along the hills of Garazinga, threading our way through foggy woods. 

The forest hummed with life all around me as I twirled about, gazing up at the canopy, searching for the birds that were singing sweetly. The sun broke through the cracks, lighting up the dirt path ahead of me, decorated with outgrown roots, wildflowers and fallen leaves that crunched beneath my bare feet.

Rihanne Maya 

"This forest looks amazing and familiar at the same time!" Empress said scanning around the forest. 

"It's nothing serious though. I heard that the forest at the hills of Garazinga isn't safe for anyone," Adele said. 

"Can we just quit chatting in negativities and gather our firewoods?" I replied. 

"Fine!!" Adele and Empress chorused. 

We had started gathering and tying up our firewoods when we heard footsteps approaching us; Is it just me that thinks someone is approaching us? I can feel the intense air so strong!" I said. 

Rihanne Maya 

"I also heard sounds of leaves crunching under the strangers feet," Empress added. "But I'm not sure of what it is. Could it be a ghost? "

"Are you girls sure about this?" Adele asked in a wavy tone. "Or could it be that the forests along the Garazinga hills are also haunted?" 

"This is not the forest of Garazinga hills,Adele! It is at the other side of the hills," Empress tackled. 

"I think we better get the little firewoods we have and start returning immediately. Grandma warned me about this forest from the onset," I said. 

"Now you are beginning to scare me!" Adele quivered. 

Rihanne Maya 

A few moments later the leaves started ruffling beneath the bright sky. You could hear a whistle through the cool air. In the distance I heard a quite scream. I started walking toward the sound, which was continually growing louder. It now seemed only a feet away. I looked around trying to find the source of the loud noise. Then I saw a young man of the age of about nineteen. He must have been at least five years older than me.

"What's wrong?" I asked as I helped him to his feet.

"Are you okay?!" Adele questioned him. 

"What's after you?!" Empress threw in. 

"There are some men after me. We've got to run." He said. 

The wind began to blow harder, growing more furious. We started to run back toward the exit of the forest when suddenly something passed by us in the distance.

Rihanne Maya 

"What was that?" I panicky asked in fear.

"That's it," he said. "That's the thing that's after me. We've got to get out of here."

"What?!" Adele and Empress panicked. 

Leaves continued to fall from the trees by the angry wind as we started back to get out of those horrid woods. We were gaining ground as I heard a startling growl. I continued to run out of fear. The exit was in my view. Then suddenly a huge limb from a nearby tree flew by me, almost knocking me over as it scrubbed my arm.

Rihanne Maya 

"We're almost there," I said as I huffed to get more air in my lungs. I heard no answer from the young boy except for the screams of Adele and Empress. So I turned around to see the revolting monster sink his teeth into the boy's leg. The wind grew more fierce and blew the terror off of the boy.

"Let's go!" he yelled as he got up limping; but still running. I said nothing, but I ran with my friends.

When I got on the hills I turned back to see the frightening thing I had just saw. It was lying still on the ground being covered by leaves that were being blown by the hostile wind. We stepped out of the forest to see the boy's nasty wound on his leg.

"What was that?!" Empress and Adele quivered. 

"A monster?!" I asked. 

Rihanne Maya 

"That monster is a clear evidence that the military men of king Haran are not far from here." The boy said. 

"What?!" We chorused. 

"That thing was sent after me because I outran his soldiers," He said. " By the way,what are you girls doing here all by yourselves?" 

"We are here to fetch some firewoods. " I said. 

"It's still too dangerous for girls," He said. " We have to keep moving away from this place. The sire military men of king Haran never backs out from a difficult task. " He said struggling back on his feet. "What are your names?"

"My name is Amaya!" I said. 

"Adele!" Adele quivered. 

"Empress!" Empress added. 

"My name is Gregory," He said. "King Haran killed my family and I was lucky to escape with the help of my father, before he was finally killed. 

"Goodness!" I muttered. 

Rihanne Maya 

"King Haran is still conquering communities and selling villagers into slavery to British masters. " Gregory said. 

"This is madness! I thought slave trade ended long ago?!" Adele thundered. 

"I guess!" He replied. 

Not up to two minutes,we started to hear chanting of military men; coming to our direction. 

"I guess it's time to go! They are here!" Gregory said. 

We stood up and started off using the major path out of the hills,but it was too late as the military men had surrounded the entire routes. 

"The option right now is  into Garazinga hills!" Gregory suggested. 

Rihanne Maya 

"What?!" Adele and Empress chorused. 

"That's going to be too dangerous for us! It's a forbidden forest. No one goes in there and returns alive!" I wailed. 

"We have to give our fate a trial!" Gregory said. 

"No way!" Empress and Adele thundered. 

"I'm not going in there!" I thundered.

Rihanne Maya 

... To The Continued.

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