Soldier Girl Chapter Seven : On The Hill Of Garazinga - Written By Rihanne Maya



On The Hills Of Garazinga 

The clouds hovering above the hills of Garazinga forest were usually foggy which is hard for anyone to see through. 

The military men paused when we made our ways into the murky dark forest. 

"Fools! They thought going into the haunted forest will keep us away," The commanding officer thundered. " Into the forest,at once. " 

"Yes sir!" The military men chorused as they matched into the forest.

The forest had dark tree trunks, shadows, overhanging limbs across the paths. There were lots of grain of poison begrimed the bark and gleamed like witch dust. The decaying air and stifling atmosphere provided the perfect abode for those who worshipped the darkness rather than the light.

Rihanne Maya 

"Is this what Garazinga hills forest truly looks like?!" I asked in fear. 

"This is my first time in it too!" Gregory said. 

"It's truly haunted like history has it!" Adele quivered. 

"I can't believe I'm going to die here!" Empress shifted in. 

"Nobody said anyone will die in here! We should just keep quiet and find somewhere to hide for now," Gregory suggested. " At least the military men wouldn't get to us as they may also understand how haunted Garazinga hills is. " Rihanne Maya 

"What's the essence of hiding from our killers when we are still going to be killed by ferocious ancient ghosts?!"I sucked. 

"Shhh!" Gregory shushed me. 

The trees in the dark forest were nicotine-brown. Orcs were gobbling meat and grinding on bone. Gloomy scrubs hid dangerous creatures. The musty air was difficult to breathe. The forest was old and otherworldly. Oxblood-red toadstools littered the ground. Poisonous cowbane grew next to them. An acrid odour hung off everything. It was a teeth-gritting experience. I bit my tongue with nervousness and the metallic taste of blood filled my mouth.

Out of nowhere, this wrinkly old man in black came around the corner with a wooden staff and said, "hey! What do you kids think you're doing, in a place like this, didn't you read the signs you silly children?!", "Ahhhh!" I screamed. “Get back here", yelled the man.

Rihanne Maya 

We ran until we knew he wouldn't catch up. We walked until we reached this rusty old gate, Gregory slowly opened the gate, and it squeaked, like it was a million years old. He walked until he reached this freaky house.

"There's a house right there," He said pointing at the house. 

"Believe me,that's where the ghosts definitely lives," Adele said looking all walked out. 

Anyone would think it was haunted. I was 100 percent sure no one lived in there, by the looks of it.

Rihanne Maya 

"Trust me,I can assure you that no one lives in there!" Gregory said with full confidence. "Okay fine! I will go first and take a look!"

We all nodded to his suggestion but were too scared to wait all by ourselves in the misty air outside the ancient building,as we were busy scanning our eyes through the forest,allowing our imaginations to define and decide every quirky sounds humming from the distance. 

Gregory slowly walked up the steps and looked through. A smash went through the window. He  jumped off the steps and ran back to us.

We then turned around to run along. Before I knew it something invisible was dragging me.

"Something is dragging my legggg!!!" I screamed. 

... To The Continued.

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