Soldier Girl Chapter One : Where are the amulet stones?" King Haran thundered at my dad.




"Where are the amulet stones?" King Haran thundered at my dad. 

A sudden spurt of blood gushed out of my father's nostrils and mouth as a knife swung at his head. 

"Muna!!!" My mother screamed out aloud from the close bushes,allowing her words to run out bluntly. 

Mum had hidden behind the bush with the drawstring pouch of the amulet stones, before a stream of fear induced her at the point she witnessed the manhandling of my dad. 

"Tara! Tara!! Ruuuuun!!" My father thundered as he crashed to the ground in the pool of his own blood. 

"Cease her! Cease her!! She has the amulets." King Haran commanded in an angry tone. 

"No! No!! Please,don't touch my pregnant wife and my unborn baby! Please!" Dad pleaded as he crawled on the ground with blood spurting out of his broken skin. The military men had stabbed him severely. "Take the amulets but please don't hurt her and my baby. "

"Get her!" King Haran uttered. "If you do not get the amulet stones,do not get back here. "

So the military men unsheathed their knives and went all out for my pregnant mum. But she managed to run away into the mountains,until she noticed that she could no longer hide from the military men. 

"I guess this is the end of the road," She looked down the mountain and for what seemed like the abyss was a dark water. "My unborn child! How do I escape with this?!" 

As my mother inched her way toward the cliff with the drawstring pouch of the three amulet stones, her legs were shaking uncontrollably. She could feel the coldness of the rock beneath her feet when her toes curled around the edge in one last futile attempt at survival.

"My unborn baby! My baby! I can't die with my baby,I'd rather die for my baby to survive," She thought to herself. " But I have to escape these evil military men. "

Her heart was racing like a trapped bird, desperate to escape. Gazing down the sheer drop, she nearly fainted; her entire life flashed before her eyes. She could hear stones breaking free and fiercely tumbling down the hillside, plummeting into the dark abyss of the forbidding black water.

Here she was,mid air on the mountain ledge deciding her own fate, voices of the military men emanated closely," Where is she? Where is she hiding?" 

"They are here!!" She said in between sobs. The threatening mountains surrounding her seemed to grow more sinister with each passing moment, she felt herself fighting for air.

"There you are!" One of the military men laughed. 

"Tara! You are heavily pregnant,you can't jump off the cliff!" One of the military men persuaded," Do you wish to die with that unborn baby? Just give me the amulets and we will spare your life and your unborn child." 

A few moments later the voice of my dying dad emerged from the silent distance,with a loud scream with a sudden halt which simply means he had been killed. 

She had a vague feeling that something had gone terribly wrong with my dad," You killed him! You killed my husband!" She stuttered continuously. "I won't let you have your way with me and my unborn child. Never!" She thundered. 

"Tara for the last time,give me back the pouch!" One of the military men commanded. 

"I guess it's time!" Mum said. 

"Tara hand over the amulets to me right now." The commanding military man yelled. 

Trembling with anxiety, she shut her eyes, murmuring one last pathetic prayer. She gathered her last breath, hoping it would last a lifetime, took a step back and plunged off the mountain cliff.

She screamed all the way through till she finally broke freely into the dark water with her heavy pregnancy. 

"To the feet of the mountain. Let's go!" One of the military men commanded. "We can't possibly jump off the cliff like she did,let's go wait for her by the lake side. We will definitely get hold of her and retrieve the pouch. " 

My mum managed to swim out of the water and was resting by a closed by tree. 

To her surprise,orbs of lights started to flutter out of the pouch's body. 

"What's wrong?" She surprisingly ingested as she hauled herself in the mud to grab the wet pouch," Why are the three stones reacting negatively?" She thought to herself.

So she opened the pouch. There were three glistening stones in it,' the fire stone,the wind stone and the Earth stone, except for one of the stone that was missing from the pouch!

She smiled revealing her perfect dentition,but all of a sudden,she fell into labour. 

"The baby! The baby is coming out!" She exclaimed. 

A minute more she started hearing the voices of strange men murmuring to her direction. 

... To The Continued.

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