Soldier Girl Chapter Four : Universal Soldiers - Written By Rihanne Maya




Universal Soldiers 

Like I earlier introduced,call me Amaya; This was the trademark that my mother niched behind for her adopters. 

According to the old woman who found me at the riverside; She said that my mother named me after the place where I was found,Amaya which translates to " Heavenly valley or night rain. " 

The riverside was an outdoor space in the mountains along the forest, which was visually pleasing and full of life. There were roses, lilacs, and flowers galore all waving at you. Equally in bliss, bees and butterflies fly with no cares whatsoever.

My story started from the day I was found at Amaya. 

My birth was actually a gift to my people of our lost community.

I needed to bring down king Haran,so I sought help from the four elements; Water,fire,wind and earth.

Before then,king Haran who ruled in so much tyranny deeply sought after the powers of the four elements. At first he started with the water extraction power which was a watermark of the only son of the Water-god, Hermes. 

The situation peaked when the Water-god found out about the adoption of his only son,Hermione which pledged to king Haran's plight. 

My birth was not a coincidence,it was on purpose to lift tyranny out of the heart of Africa.

I'm that kind of girl you wouldn't want to toll with. My story levitated the day I was found.

Let's quickly heave backward to recount the incident that occured between king Haran and the ocean king,Hermes!

It was the next day morning;The dusky sky, was a brilliantly bright baby blue, and perched picturesquely on the autumn branches of the trees in the forest below. As the morning developed the sounds of young birds began to fulfil the air with a delicious spritz. They chirped, tweeted and warbled incessantly.

King Haran and his military men had just gone all out for Hermes. 

Just off the shore Hermes floated, motionless, his midnight black curls of hair the only visible spec in the blue, bobbing up and down with every breath the sea took. Above his ebony and sheen complexion his face washed hot chocolate from the unforgiving sun and the tips of his black hair begun to tinge grey. From the shoulders down his body was beneath the water, kept afloat by his mer tail. 

He had been swimming aimlessly for the past 5  days and after thirst and hunger set in, exhaustion took its toll and there he floated; victim to the current and where it would take him. He couldn't find Hermione for hours. 

A moment later,king Haran and his military men bulged out of nowhere; seeing Hermes floating aimlessly in the water with a help of a powerful charm,the brightness of his smile increased. 

"There he is in the water. Bring out the charm immediately," King Haran whispered to one of the military men. " Be fast." 

"I can't see him!" The commanding officer said as he couldn't spot the Water-god with his physical eyes. 

However,the military men unsheathed their knives even when they couldn't see the physical being of the Water-god. They kept turning to different directions at every passing seconds.

So king Haran held a visible wooden abstract sculpture of a man. He lifted it to the direction of the waters and started speaking in unknown tongues. He repeated this procedure for a few minutes until the king of ocean wealth,Hermes felt that something wasn't right in his surroundings. 

He rose and splashed out to shore where he saw king Haran and his military men. 

"You!!!" The Water-god thundered. 

King Haran kept on with his incantations nonstop. 

The Water-god flushed himself off the serene waves of the water on seeing them,his muscles bulging in his perfectly-proportioned body like boulders being pushed to the surface by tectonic activity. 

The muscles weren't too huge and bulging but were well-defined and in proportion to the rest of the body.

The military men could not see him but the surface water waves were formed by the movement of the wind across the standing body of the sea. 

The sudden wind shear effectively dragged the upper layers of the water and horizontally compressed them, producing terrifying waves that approached the military men. 

"The sea is rising up!" The commanding officer yelled. 

"It's just the tide that's is high, nothing much," King Haran quizzed with a smirk. "Now stretch out your protective charms. 

They all plunged their hands into their camouflages and popped out ritualistic materials; They lifted them against the torrent waves that was emanating from the sea but nothing seemed ordinary was happening! 

"It's not working!" The commanding military officer thundered. 

"Shut up and continue," King Haran sparked against him. He stretched his hand that had the water amulet bracelet towards the coming torrent waves,inorder to control it. 

King Haran's spiritual visions started to flicker and suddenly,both his spiritual and physical vision went dark; My eyes! My eyes! I can't see! I can't see!" He shouted helplessly.

... To The Continued.

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