Soldier Girl Chapter Five : The Plight - Written By Rihanne Maya



The Plight

"My eyes! I can't see!" King Haran wailed profusely the moment the Water-god blindfolded his spiritual and physical visions. 

However,the situation grew more plightful when the military men unsheathed their knives at the point the Water-god emerged from the ocean; getting ready to strike at Hermes.

"Kill him! Kill him!!" King Haran thundered. 

"Attack!!!!" The commanding military officer commanded his men to strike at an invisible being.

They could neither see the Water-god nor feel his uncompromisable presence. 

Hopelessly,their dire mistakes vented the non-negotiable wrath of Hermes,as they pledged to continue the battle despite hearing the sounds of a lose warfront. 

For what seemed like the Water-god wanted to deal with them,he started landing resounding slaps across the faces of the military men; They would retort with screams after each slap,wondering who could be behind the mysterious strikes against them. 

King Haran joined the game of shame, playing a puppet in the hands of Hermes as he mocked at him by controlling their mental health in a single string. 

"He is a puppet master!" One of the military men screamed. 

King Haran would swing into the air, thinking he would strike at something but all to no avail. The military men also swung all out into the thick foggy air in response to the mockery but nothing seemed ordinary happened. 

"Where is Hermione? Where is my son?!" Hermes thundered as he continuously laced their faces. 

They let out a doleful wail. 

Then king Haran stretched his arm forward and the icy bracelet uncurled from his hand ,forming a huge wall of water. 

Hermes looked further and saw a human figure emerged as the water rolled off towards him," Hermione!" He quickly approached the water. He cupped his hand and the water reverted into a little boy with a diamond crown sitting on his head. 

Hermione whose zodiac sign was Pisces was born March 13th. His father was the happiest man in the waterworld when he was found. 

"Nooooo! My water extraction power is gone! I can't feel it on my wrist!" King Haran wailed," Get me back my water extraction bracelet now!" 

A few moments later,the impending lustre waves of running water crashed on them; Sweeping and throwing them into the foggy forest. 

Indeed,the water king didn't want to share their blood,hence he didn't kill them. 

That was how king Haran lost his sight,but he didn't change despite the lost of his vision,instead he became worse. 

He invaded small and near by villages; He would adopt the people and subject them into slavery to British men(White masters). He was greatly feared across most villages and no one could stand tall against him until I was born. 

So,my story began. 

Seventeen years later,I became a young beautiful and fearless girl. I was popularly known as ' Soldier Girl ' across villages for my beauty and the helping hand that I rendered towards people; both old and young. 

"And that was how I found you that night at Amaya," The old woman who found me said. " My husband and I still do not know who left you in the forest that night,so we brought you home with us. "

"Thank you so much mama," I said with a smile. "You are a beautiful woman with a golden heart. Your type is almost out of this world. " 

"My daughter,this is why I want you to grow up loving and caring for people as well," She said. " There's nothing in this world if you can't possibly render helping hands to people who are in need. " 

"Yes mama,I will try my best!" I said. 

"Thank you my daughter," Mama said. 

"Errrh mama,I want to go and fetch some firewood,then water before I start preparing the food. " I said. 

"Okay my daughter,but remember not to cross over the forest; it's dangerous out there. " She said. 

"Okay mama!" I stood up and picked out my rope from an earthen pot. 

"Make sure you are not going alone oh!" Mama said. 

"Yes mama,I'm going with my friends," I said and ran out with my cutlass,cloth and rope. 

... To The Continued.

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