Ruger explains what prompted him to take his music career more seriously and why parents should always support their children's dreams.


“I failed entrance into the university 4 times and said it’s enough, I no do again  “Ruger 

My parents are really educated , they wanted me to be like them. After 4 trials and my name not on the admission list I stopped . Told them I’ll try music and guess what ? It worked 

Parents need to understand that not everyone is gifted when it comes to school , having parents that understand you can be good in something other than school is a blessing . Ruger 

I know people who used to take last in school that are better than those who used to take 1st today . Know what you want in life and go after it .

Sometimes what works for other people will never work for you, but it just takes a great mind to realize your place in all situations because the sooner you realize this balance and the chances of winning or losing in certain states mentally, it is very important. 

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