Phyno is different says Runtown (Read Below)

 “Phyno is different, he had big dreams for me , i left for Eric Many , they ruined my career but guess what ? Phyno was still there for me . “ Runtown 

“He spoke to me all day and still supported me . Many people want to really help us at times but we lack patience , we are unable to see the bigger picture , Phyno didn’t want Quick fame , he knew we were good and will make it so he wanted us to just do more work and watch everything work but Eric Many came with a Quick Scheme and I took it 🤦‍♂️”Runtown 

These days we are so quick to give up on those we love , any small thing we just want to cut them off .  Understand that people make mistakes and sometimes they are just confused . 

Phyno is truly a legend , imagine after everything he still loved and supported Runtown .  Drop some hearts for Phyno 

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