Nollywood actor Junior Pope would have been alive by now if he had listened (see why below)


You see, I will tell you this and I want you to be very attentive to public warnings in our daily lives. You are surrounded by many forces and you also need good forces to guide you both inside and outside, but it is only the voices around us that we pay attention to. Sometimes it is also advisable to listen to other people's voices.

There are times when God uses different people to convey a message in our lives and these people become unknown faces and voices because we hardly give importance to their messages just because we call them unknown faces or voices.

So many stern warnings were issued to this young Nollywood actor popularly known as Junior pope. I wonder why he never saw this coming because I believed he heard many other people give him prophecies and warnings for him to be more careful with his life. in the last days before this very unforeseen event.

I am very worried about his family and that his soul rest in the bosom of the Lord. My prayer is with the family. May the legend go well.

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