Nigerian chess master, Tunde Onakoya, has successfully completed his 58-hour Guinness World Record longest chess marathon attempt (Watch Video Below)


Africa has come a long way to make history and the world is yet to understand that Africa needs its place in the history of the world, the hatreds and abandonments would never be better, we just have to come together and accept the great minds that unite this race. of black people never wanted war but peace as this young Nigerian chess master, Tunde Onakoya, successfully completed his longest chess marathon attempt in history, Guinness World Record, 58 hours. Adding extra 2 hours which makes a total of 60 hours in the game.

This young man pushed for 2 more hours, making a total of 60 hours. How is it possible for someone from the race of an abandoned people to win such a competition and this is just a reminder that God makes us all one people and that the key to humanity is love, which gives us the opportunity to express our gifts with some literal reward?

I have to express my great satisfaction to the Guinness Book of Records for providing opportunities that never discriminate against colors, tribes or races. It is something that the world should emulate because there are many controversies in the world with various opportunities of life expressing the art of good craftsmanship and talent throughout the world fighting the faith of love among all equals and this is the reason why which the Guinness Book of Records remains the best for its blessings and the grace of wisdom and the understanding that everyone deserves a place of equal right and expression.

Watch video below.

Photo credit : @chessinslums/ Instagram

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