Hilda Bassey Effiong Slays with meaning believe me


This life is a game and it is never easy to win and top the chats no matter what it takes, but having a good reputation doesn't come without some negative touches because we all have our flaws within us.

She strives to restore the pride of the women she has been easily accessible to in the community by participating in a cooking marathon competition that brought her to a standard among the rest of the queen, she deserves her flowers.

If these achievements are easy, let all our sisters continue to kill with such qualities. I recognize women with great vision and this is not something to talk about. I love seeing great women without doubts about winning or losing because sometimes awards are even given and it is not based on merits or merits sometimes as I said.

I have the right to express myself and these are my humble opinions and I deserve the right to be heard everywhere. It's quite unfortunate that we don't care to see things as they are and I urge that we start doing so now.

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