Edge Of Seventeen Chapter Twelve : Karma - Written By Rihanne Maya





"Neon,you just shot somebody. " Jessica wailed with her hands halfway covering her mouth. 

"How about Kelsey's mother and her aunt? Who shot them? You did,so don't give me that crap," Neon thundered," You better dispose this corpse before the police gets here. I'm out of here. "Neon flung his bag's strap back on his shoulder and then put back the gun into it. He approached the door. 

"Neon,why have you decided to ruin my life? In this seventeen years,I have loved and cared for you like my own biological son,yet you turn around and toss me into the trash can like I'm some damaged or broken rag doll. "Jessica wailed bitterly. 

Neon paused and turned around," A true mother will not be as heartless as you. Is it because of your influence? Because if truly you're a mother,you could have allowed Kelsey and his mother work the surface of this earth without fear and trembling. You got served mother. " Neon turned and strutted away.

"Oh my goodness,what will I do now? Mr Frank,Frank!," She placed a finger below Mr Frank's nostril for air but there was no air. His nerves had already shutdown on a flat line." Frank!" 

A call popped on her phone. It was Sparrow. She then brushed the answer icon with her left index finger," Hello,Sparrow!" She called. 

"Madam Jessie,we are out of the school already. Someone alerted the police and they are here already. "The voice over said. 

"Good! I will be on my way shortly," She said almost muttering," Kasala don burst for here(Trouble has escalated)." She pulled off the phone from her ear and starter to struggle herself into her gown real quick. She was too tensed to get herself into her yellow six inches heels. She grabbed them with her hands, descending the stairs barefooted. 

Neon made his way off the motel to his car easily. He quickly slid his hand into his pocket and popped out his car keys. He opted for his automated start button before he could get to to the car. The car's engine picked up following the self-opening door as it swung open on it's own accord. He got in and shut the door. 

Up to some seconds thereafter,a police van's alarm rang till it arrived the street. Neon wound down his car window to confirm what he had just seen. He didn't rush away immediately. He remained in his car calmly untill the police men approached the motel. 

Some of the police officer stopped by the three men that Neon had swung at about some minutes before his arrival at the main motel. The policemen noticed how suspicious the bald guy and his friends were. So they dragged them all into their van after they had been handcuffed.

Other police officers probed the three assailants,sliding their hands into the guys pockets and wallets,fetching out all sorts of materials that included tranquilizer injections, photographs of their victims, complimentary cards and many other suspicious contacts. 

"These men are suspicious,we are taking them all to the station for  thorough investigations. "One of the police officer said. 

"Look at them, shameless animals,I wonder who did this to you people. "One of the officer hurled abuses on them," I pity the poor parents that gave birth to you guys,fools!" 

Neon's mum had just bumped out of the motel door when one of the police men approached her. 

"Hey woman,stop right there," He called in a hushed tone. She worked her body in a slow pace trying to figure out where and who the voice she had just heard was from. 

"I said,do not move an inch from that circle. "The police man thundered again till she paused halfway through. 

"Erm!! Officer,good evening sir," She said," I was just on my way back home. I hope there's no problem at all. " She forged. 

"Officer,go into the motel and find out if anything is wrong there. Move from one room to another till you cover all the rooms. " The police man said with a straight face. 

"Officer what is the meaning of this embarrassment? Are you by any means calling me a criminal or a murderer?" Jessica queried. 

"I wasn't sure either until your reactions showed it. " The police man clapped back. 

"You will be sorry if my husband gets here and find you people holding me down. " Jessica swung and quickly put her hand into her yellow purse," Where is my phone?" 

Jessica Mide was held still for three minutes close-up. Then an officer called from the motel," There's a dead man in room 102 deluxe. He has been shot in his forehead. " He called. 

"Madam,which of the rooms are you coming from?" The police man asked,but she kept quiet," If you do not answer ,then I will have no choice but to take you to the station. " 

"Sergeant!" The police man called," Get the receptionist. Madam you are coming with us back into the motel. We have to be sure that you didn't kill that man. " 

"Goodness! This is madness! I am not moving an inch with you people. You all are mad. "She thundered at them. 

Madam Jessica Mide stuttered continuously until she finally returned with them to the motel. The receptionist confirmed Jessica Mide's room which had the corpse, granduncle Frank.

"You are under arrest for murder. And you must not say anything,else whatever you say will be used against you in the court of law. " The DPO swung at her and they finally pulled her into the van. 

After Neon had seen every of the shameless scene,be revved up the engine of his car and drove off. 

It had started to rain again around 10:00PM. I had gone out to purchase some packs of snacks when some unknown gunmen broke into our dormitory. They took down the security men and then surged into our room where my mum and aunt was. The unknown gunmen then shot at them. 

I saw a crowd wailing under the heavy rain that night at the entrance of our dormitory. I managed to make my way through the people when I saw what had happened. 

"Mum? Aunty Annabel! Jesus Christ!" I wailed profusely. I flung the white polythene bags that I carried away. I then knelt across my mum on the floor and in a pool of blood. Aunty Annabel was also lying lifelessly on the floor with blood spattering from her skin nonstop. 

I wailed for help for minutes till  Neon drove in. 

"Kelsey! Kelsey,what happened?" I queried. 

I couldn't respond but wailed more as I tightly held my mum to my body under the heavy night rain," Mum! " I finally let out in agony. 

"To the hospital immediately. " Neon looking all drenched in the rain quickly reached out for his car keys. He pushed the automated button to unlock his car automatically. The door swung open on its own accord. Neon then lifted my mother from my arm all by himself. He carried her into his car. He returned for aunt Annabel as well. 

"Kelsey,hop in let's go to the hospital. " He called. 

That was how my mum and aunt were taken to the hospital that same night by Neon. 

... To Be Continued. 

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Written By Rihanne Maya

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