Edge Of Seventeen Chapter Ten : Hatrad - Written By Rihanne Maya




Bald guy who had quickly recovered from the stunning blow,charged at Neon like a wild animal and got stopped by a front kick to his mid section followed by left and right hooks to his face and jaw that rocked his balance. Then a blow from a round house kick caught him squarely in his neck and fell him down like a chopped down tree. And made him hit his head on the paved ground. 

A picture popped out of his pocket and Neon picked it up from the ground. 

Neon wiped his blood stained knuckles on his sweater,staring at the picture. 

"Is this who I think it is? Kelsey Clinton and her blind mother,"He thought to himself,"What are these men doing with my roommate's picture?" 

He maintained his composure and controlled his breath as he looked around the street cautiously to see if there were other assailants. Seeing nothing of concern,he glanced at the three men sprawled on the ground and then at the promiscuous looking girl he had earlier seen standing in front of the cheap motel that he had earlier walked past. 

The girl was standing several meters away from him and where his assailants were sprawled out. The girl kept staring at him and said nothing. Too petrified to say anything. 

Neon looked at the girl and asked," You know them?" 

The girl shook her head and spoke," They! Erm! They are madam Jessie's men. The lady that was in a blue gown," She said," She walked into the building with an old man earlier. " 

Neon then walked over to one of the guys. He was the only one of the three men that was still moving. He stood over the guy on the ground and stared at him. The guy stared back at Neon with fears in his eyes , expecting terrible things to start happening . Neon then bent over the guy with one knee on the ground and held the picture in front of his face. 

"Do you know this boy and this woman?" He asked. 

The man said nothing and Neon took a swing at him,hitting him across the face and sending blood and saliva flying from his mouth.

"I will make you beg for your own life if I asked you for the second and you refuse to answer me," Neon said quietly as he searched the hurt man's pocket," So, I'd advice you play the good boy role why I take the lead. " Neon pulled out the man's wallet and brought out few complimentary cards and an I.D card. He quickly shuffled the cards till he flung out his mother's own card. 

"Mrs. Jessica Mide! You also work for this woman huh?" He said still searching the wallet till he found the address number of our university. He pulled further and found our room number. 

"So,who is this young man and the woman in the photograph? Years of my personal therapy had made me able to control my anger. But when I start getting impatient while trying to get some information in an event that seem to impact me negatively,it hits overdrive and becomes uncontrollable. " Then he glared at the man. " So answer my question before something real bad happen to you," He continued. 

Without wasting much time ,he strengthened his two fingers and pierced them into the bald guy's eyes. The bald guy screamed in an agonizing tone as blood splatter all over his face. 

"My eyes! My eyes!" He would scream," Kelsey! His name is Kelsey Clinton and the woman by his side is her blind mother. " He cried out painfully. 

"So,what business does this young man have with Mrs Jessica Mide?" Neon asked. 

"She's the one that paid us to eliminate him and his blind mother. Matter of fact,our boys are out already to carry out the operation. "He said in tears and passed out. Neon felt he might have hit him too hard. 

"Then you foolishly agreed to kill a poor blind woman and her only son yeah?" Neon asked but the bald guy didn't speak further. 

Shortly,a buzzing notification sound popped from the bald guy's pocket, following a continuous fizzle. Neon could not ignored the sound,he slid his hand into the bald guy's pocket and brought out his phone. It was a message from Neon's mother,Mrs Jessica Mide. 

The message read," Room 102 deluxe. " 

Neon smirked immediately. 

Neon got up and glanced at the other two boys lying on the ground. The black leather guy seemed to be moving but Neon ignored him and looked at the photograph he got from the man's pocket. Then he stared at the street down the motel. He did so thoughtfully and shifted his gaze to the entrance of the motel. 

He took out his phone and opted for his call log and then his contact list. He screwed up and down typing "K-E-L-S..," Shit! I almost forgot that I do not have Kelsey's number on my phone. " 

With his bag slung over his shoulder, Neon was heading to the motel in a fast pace. Almost running. 

Soon,he arrived at the receptionist stand. 

"Good evening sir,you're welcome. " The receptionist greeted. 

"Good evening beauty. Room 102 deluxe. " Neon replied with a smile. 

"Are they expecting you sir?" She inquired. 

"Yes!" He replied. "A business partner to Mrs Jessica Mide. " 

"Alright sir. This way sir. " She directed Neon,pointing to a stair case.  

"Thank you miss. " 

Neon then ascended the stairs. 

... To Be Continued. 

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©️ Rihanne Maya

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