Edge Of Seventeen Chapter Eleven : Russian Roulette - Written By Rihanne Maya




Russian Roulette

As Neon carefully ascended the stairs,he glared around the dimly lit white painted balcony and then at the large frames hung on the pathway wall. He continued to read each tag on each of the room doors on a slow pace,trying to authenticate room 102 deluxe. 

He took few steps further till he arrived at the wanted door. He quickly unwrapped a piece of paper he had with him again to confirm the room number written on it. 

Mrs Jessica Mide was in a white towel when a knock dropped on the room's door," Who is it?" She asked. 

"Room service. "Neon replied in an abnormal deeper tone. 

"Hold on I will be right there. "Jessica Mide approached the door. She then unlocked the door. 

The door swung open and Neon walked into the room. 

"Neon?" Mr Jessica Mide stuttered at the sight of his son," What in Gods name are you doing here?"

Neon kept his cool as he calmly glared around the room in a circle. He finally approached the bed and then sat on the bed. 

"H- h - how did you find me,Neon?" Jessica stuttered continuously,until a male voice of a aged man emerged from the bathroom.

"Honey who is it?" Uncle Frank called. 

"Ermm! It's t - t - the room service man,ermm no I mean m - m- m - my s- s- s- son. " She fidgeted continuously. 

"What's wrong? Why are you stuttering non stop like you've seen a ghost?" Uncle Frank asked as he unhinged the bathroom's door handle. 

Who is this young man right here,and what does he want?" Uncle Frank quizzed. 

Neon turned with a  jolt," I know this face. For seventeen years of my life I have always dreamt of meeting this face. The same man in my dream. " Neon laughed out loudly. 

"Jessica,who is this young man?" Uncle Frank fired. 

"H-h-he's my son. "She quivered. 

"Son?!" Uncle Frank's eyes popped out. 

"Interesting! The both of you are in a bae-cation. What a compromised positions you are caught in," Neon cut in immediately," You left your husband,my father all by himself in the house and decided to go out with this shameless good for nothing old dog. " Neon fired at uncle Frank in aggressive manner. 

"Is this destiny? My grand nephe..! He paused immediately with a hand on his lips trying to feign a smile," Wow,your son is so grown now. But why is he here at this time?"  Uncle Frank queried. 

"I do not have time for all these unwanted interrogations and bullshits. Who is this young man and this woman?" Neon held out the photograph on their faces. 

"How did you get that?" Neon's mother probed. 

"What are you doing with my grand nephew's photograph?" Uncle Frank slugged trying to blur out his shameful composition. 

"Your grand nephew huh?" Neon snapped at his hung bag and unzipped it. He slid his hand into it and then popped out a gun at their faces. He tried as much as he could to hold back his temper.  

"Baby,please pull down the gun so we can talk like a mother and a son,please baby!" Mrs Jessica Mide stuttered. 

"Holding a gun at elders is highly disrespectful and prohibited in my community," Uncle Frank clogged," You can't do this young man. Please put down the gun let's talk like adults. " 

"I do not care about your tradition or belief. I'm not patient enough to console my anger. " Neon queried. 

Shortly,the atmosphere could not have the questionnaires fragrance anymore. Fear and tensions now hung low on Mrs Jessica Mide and Mr Frank 's head,claiming everyone's fate. 

"Who is Kelsey Clinton and why do you two sought after him and his blind mother?" Neon fumed and pursed his lips with his beetle brows. He held the gun at their faces with his index finger steady on the trigger. He wasn't smiling with them. 

"Kelsey Clinton is the same boy you have always wanted to get rid off," She replied," Remember how many times you return home,telling me you want a room change?" She suddenly smiled. " Together we can destroy him successfully without we been interrupted,since we share a common goal. "

"I never told you I wanted Kelsey dead,let alone including his mother. " Neon thundered," I know I never liked him from the beginning of our semester but not to the length of claiming his life. " 

"Neon! Neon my baby,please help your mother with just this task and I will forever be ...!" She said. 

Neon cut in again," For the last time,who is Kelsey Clinton? Or I will push the trigger." He thundered flexing the gun at their faces.  

"Okay! Okay!! Kelsey is,he is y-y-y-y-your twin brother. You both do not look alike because you're fraternal twin brothers. "She stuttered continuously," And the blind woman is your biological mother. I bought you the day you were born due to my infertility. " She paused. 

"Who sold me out?" Neon queried. 

"It's ,it's F-f-f-frank. "She paused again," Your grand uncle Frank. "

"My grand uncle did!" Neon broke down in tears at this point. 

"It's not what you think my son,I actually want...!" Uncle Frank stuttered as a call cut in. 

A few seconds later into the interrogations,Mrs Jessica's cell phone rang but she was too scared to take it. 

"Go ahead and take the call on a loud speaker," Neon fumed and snapped at his mother," I want to hear every of your conversation with your caller. 

In a quivering manner,she managed to pick up the phone from the bed and opted for the answer button and then the loud-speaker icon," H-h-hello!" She shivered," Yes sparrow. "

The voice over said," Madam,we already shot the boy's mother and his aunt,but it seems like the boy himself had gone out to get something. Cause we can't find him around the dormitory. "

"Oh my goodness!" Mrs Jessica Mide stuttered the moment she heard about the breaking news," Y-y-you shot Kelsey's mother and his aunt?" She stuttered continuously. 

Neon raised a brow following the news the moment he heard the caller conversed of the sad news about my mother and aunt. The voice over started to flicker to a weak reception till the call hung up. 

"No! No way,there must be a mix up somewhere. Are you sure this is sparrow calling you?" Grand uncle Frank inquired," Kelsey's mother and my sister shot? How?" He tried to act up in the presence of Neon. 

"Oh just shut the fuck up old man," Neon cut in,"  Isn't this what you always wanted? Why are you acting surprise all of a sudden?" Neon fired at him. 

"This is my sister. Annabel my sister shut? How?" He argued with Neon on a hushed tone. 

Uncle Frank tried to counter Neon in their arguments. But Neon fumed up and loosed his control as his anger ate the best part of him. 

"And I said shut the fuc..!" And GBO! He pulled the trigger and shut at uncle Frank's forehead. 

... To Be Continued.

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Written By Rihanne Maya.

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