Does this coin reflect the actual value written on it or does someone need to explain it better? (One Hundred Trillion Zimbabwe Dollars)

This is a very funny Nigerian man who told his brother to start demolishing his old house when he heard the amount he would be paid for a show he attended in Zimbabwe. He now he doesn't even know how much this currnecy costs in Naira.

Come to think of it, how did this money come about and how long has this money existed and what makes this currency so great in value and written quantity. I just can't believe my eyes, except there's something someone isn't telling me.

It is a topic that we all need to sit and think about and remember to always make plans in life and invest wisely because the rate of economic deviation is quite alarming with the way things are going wrong globally, we all need to make plans that this young man would have done. He confirmed the actual amount he would be paid and also learned the exchange rate in his own regional currency before giving the order to demolish their former house,

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