Davido Shares experience back In the days of living in trenches


"Before I came to Nigeria, Wizkid was already a big name and people loved him. It wasn't easy for me because I was brôke and all I had at 17 was $60k." Davido 

"I didn't have it easy growing up. At 17, I found a way to like get some bread and all I had was $60k. Then I decided that I'm gonna go back to Nigeria, get an apartment, do the studio and start working. Before I left for Nigeria, because I was from America, me and my boys were already acting like we were stars already. People in the Nigerian industry already knew about us and that my dad had money and all that. I already knew people in the industry, I knew Wizkid, I knew Wande Coal, I knew Dbanj so my plan was to go back and turn up. I knew I was talented and had the music in me. So I moved back to Nigeria fully for the first time, stayed a couple of months, left and came back. When I was now going back with the money and plans on how to go about it, soon as I got off the plane, a guãrd grabbęd me. When he grabbęd me, I thought he grabbęd my pants because I was saggîng and my pants were down. I thought he was gonna ask for my passport but no. So we walked outside and saw one of my close friends and my dad had given him money and manïpulated him. That was the only way my dad could get me because my friend knew when I was landing and every other thing. When I saw my friend I thought he was gonna help but he just looked at me in shâmé and said nothing and I told him "You snîtch." Unfortunately, I just looked right and saw my dad. From that moment, the fîght to chãse my dreams started and that's another long story." Davido 

Nobody had it easy, each and everyone has got an obstacle they've gotta overcome inorder to achieve their dreams✊‼️

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