Chioma has a unique quality of a woman and this is a perfect 002 queen for life (Read More Below)


There are many controversies in this marriage but she decided not to talk about it, even when the internet was on fire regarding her man and several women, she decided to handle it with maturity and also with great sense of humor.

Your smile is fresh and delicious, you don't even deserve anything that stresses or suffocates your mind, these are things that will affect your natural beauty, which begins with your first smile at first sight.

The one and only 002. Davido's wife Chioma, This beautiful queen recognizes the standard of her man and also knows that above all these women are ready to jump at her man but she has decided to keep calm because everyone really wants to do it. Take it away from her and she swore she would never let that happen.

I think most of our African women need to learn from her because this method is really the best for a peaceful marriage. They need to know that men are polygamous by nature and all we need is a sustainable and happy family if there are opportunities to Belong anywhere, just make that place a home and nature and lands will accept you completely. Her marriage to Davido would never allow you to see the inter-tribal nature between them and she helps make this happen.

Let's give her the roses she deserves, all fresh.

Photo credit : Real Chef chioma/ Instagram

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