Black Wednesday As Nollywood Actor Junior Pope Was Rumored To Have lost his life while filming in water


What is really happening to most men in the Nollywood movies industry the rate at which male actors from the Nollywood movies industry are loosing their lives is quite alarming,

Millions cry as Nollywood Actor Junior Pope loses his life while filming in water .  He drowned and Couldn’t  be  saved and this is not the first time we are loosing our male actors this same year what is happening,

It’s a sad day for the Nollywood entertainment industry, What will his family say and how do you expect his children to fate for them self a young man who newly launched the opening ceremony for completing his own dream house,

Nollywood Actor Junior pope leaves behind a wife and 3 young son's, I feel for her and the kids.

He just completed his mansion and was giving thanks to God for such an accomplishment in his life and that of his family 😭😭😭

May his Soul RIP😭😭😭😭

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