As a lady with high and mighty visions like me, don't marry 'anyhow' man. Immanuela Nwaigwe


Don't marry a man with a poor or local mindset.

Don't marry a man that is happy with one level.

Don't marry a man who believes that women don't know anything.

Don't marry an insecure man who feels threatened by your success.

More so, if you are a choleric, action oriented and fireful lady like me, get a man who can handle your fire.

Such men are not many.

If you make mistake in this area, you'll end up frustrated.

There are men who can live in one room with eight kids, but they're not moved. They are very comfortable.

Let me not go there.

Whatever you see me do, a good man is backing me behind the scenes. 

A good man that speaks words of encouragement to me when I feel like giving up.

A good man that is happy to see me shine, and he doesn't feel threatened.

God bless all the good men that support their wives dreams and ambitions. 

©️ Immanuela Nwaigwe

Women development coach

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