After paying 2 years rent for an apartment I just got. I moved in and discovered my landlady is my ex girlfriend.


We dated for two years before we had a breakup. And her husband is abroad.

I have no problem with she being my landlady. 

My problem is. She spends over 5 hours of her time in my apartment everyday.


Her kids now prefer watching there zee-world program in my own apartment as a result of there mums frequent stay in my apartment.

 She washes my dishes and does my laundry most time .


I hardly cook  because she brings me food morning, afternoon and night.

she frowns at every female visitor that comes around me.

The worst is she still calls me babe.

The closeness is just too much for my liking and I don't know how to end it. 

Each time I try to stop her from doing all that she would turn Sober and I would just let it go. 

Pls I need your  advise 

I haven't been here up to 3 months and I already paid for 2 years .

Your advice is needed pls

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