2024 Bride Price Set By The Tiv Traditional Council: TOR TIV HRM Prof. James Iorzua Ortese Ayatse.


No one in Tiv land should give you a list to buy items in the name of traditional marriage, that borrowed culture is hereby abolished by Tiv traditional area council (IJIR TAMEN)

All you need is;

1 - N100,000.00 highest amount it can be less.

2 - Go with at least three elders

3 - Meet with the bride parents tell them of your marriage intention let them call their daughter and ask, if she says yes, then you give them N100,000.00 and take your wife home 

4 - No more party at bride house, you will only take her and do the celebration at your home.

Breakdown of Bride Price Payment in Tiv by Benard Chia

100k= B.Sc, M.Sc, PGD, Ph.D above 

70k= HND Holders 

60k= NCE Holders 

50k= ND Holders

40k= OND Holders

30k= SSCE Holders

The rest na 15k

If you no go school, you come be single mother, you go bring money join.

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