Young Duu If You Want To Grow In The Industry Please Have An Emotional value.


What is wrong with this kid after all the suffering and today God chose to bless you through the help of people who saw you suffer at the hands of your ex-boss, Here is what a concerned fan has to say “This kid has no future” __ Fans react as Portable's son Young Duu tells a dancer to meet him in his bed.

Think about it while other artists are busy looking for this opportunity that God alone gave to you and you are here using the same opportunity to pursue women and sexual desire, boy you need to wake up.

The dancer asked to appear in one of his music videos, but this was the response she received from Young Duu, At this time even when some women would want such an act with you we hoped that you would have some self-control and not allow this harm or destroy your career. It's crazy how a kid born in 2003 is more interested in getting yansh than his yet to grow career.

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