Word Of A Warrior Woman From Omotola Adejoke Oladokun-Akanni


If I suddenly detect that my husband is running after girls, I will first search myself to know where I could be the cause of such action, of course, women that are denying their husbands sex, rest of mind and full submission might experience such because men stay where there's peace and side chicks are good in pretending to give them such to win them over... Read that again and learn how to make peace with your husband. 

If I can't find anything wrong with myself, I will ask my husband questions around his new ministry of running after girls and if he doesn't have anything against me, I have to stand up in prayer to help him out because devil is giving out lustful spirits to all responsible couples now....... Your husband might still be good but there's a spirit that's controlling him, bind such spirit and deliver your husband. 

While praying for my husband, I will be entertaining him with alot of drama by toasting more fine girls for him.... Atleast, by the time I marry more 10 wives for him, he should be satisfied as a strong man.... 

During this time, I won't deny him of anything including my body on agreement that no disease must be detected ooooo.... Within short period of time, I will help him to win the award..

After doing all the necessary things physically, spiritually, dramatically, I will be sitted in my marriage taking regular non-alcoholic wine 🍷 to cool my temper. 

Guess what? It's not everything violence and fight can solve, you can actually make someone live in guilt for the rest of their life by becoming more nice to them for doing you evil. 

Those yeye women that are calling Marriage scam are looking for married men to be sleeping with but never give them chance ooo... 


The question to all of you that are abusing the this post is that, how did you ended up in marriage with a cheating Husband? 

Are you not a big failure to have gone through courtship without detecting an Unfaithful spouse to run for your life. ? 

Everyone should use the wisdom of God to handle their marriage because God's foolishness is wiser than our father's wisdom.

Godly Marriage is not for slay Queens with their EMPTY brain .

NOTE: My post is not to reduce the worth of a woman because real Queen don't open their eyes to marry rubbish that will turn/make them miserable. 

The purpose of this post is for any faithful husband that may fall victim of Temptation that's beyond their  power because some desperate women are going to any length to sleep with people's husbands and leaving such marriage is not wise at all..

If you believe in God to recover back your good husband that got lost, embrace it. 

If you're at risk of anything that can terminate your life, run for your life.

If all women are well disciplined to always decline cheating men sex offer, there won't be any infidelity to disturb people's marriages. 

Women are enemies of themselves and we need to think deeply to get better. 


NOTE: Well educated people always get involved in a debate without abusing anyone, some comments really showed some women's level of reasoning in the public. 


Written and signed by Queen Queen Omotola Adejoke Oladokun-Akanni

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