Water Boy Chapter Two : Money Bag - Written By Rihanne Maya



Money Bag

My dad greedily hid the pouch of the glittering diamond stones under the pillow before he could open the door. 

"I'm right behind the door." He would call as he approached the hinge of the door. He turned to scan the bed one more time to confirm the precious stones were not revealing.

"Sweetheart!" Mum welcomed my dad with a romantic hug and a kiss," How did it go? You told me you were going on a business trip. " Mum asked. 

"Oh yes,darling it was cool," Dad replied scratching the scalp of his head,"Matter of fact I now have a new business partner. My business will start making rounds soon in the stock and sales market. " Dad explained.

"This is unbelievable. Are you kidding me?" Mum replied in disbelief. 

"Babes you know what? I want you to go to mummy Debbie's store," He grinned at my mum," Take whatever we will need for dinner tonight. I will be right behind you to pay the money. "He said. 

"My love,you know we are owing her a lot of money already. I do not want to add to our multiple debts  on her list. "Mum retorted. 

"Okay this is what will happen,let's go together then. Go and take your shopping bag let me change quickly. " My dad said. 

"Ok dear. " Mum replied and walked straight into the kitchen to get a shopping bag. 

Dad then grabbed the pouch of diamonds stones and followed my mother to mummy Debbie's store. He later left there for a diamond professional.

The diamond buyer Mr Ikenta bargained with my dad to purchase the hundred pieces of raw diamond stones for a million naira. But before then,he had to authenticate the stones with a refractive index meter (diamond tester) made for diamond jewelries and other valuable or precious gems. 

He took out the first diamond stone out of the pouch to be authenticated.

"I have to check the stone's authenticity before considering buying them. " Ikenta said to my dad. "These days there are lots of looters selling fake diamonds stones in the stock market. "

After he had completely checked and confirmed the stones eligibility,he arrived at giving my dad a million naira for the hundred pieces of diamond stones or my dad would return home with them. My dad bargained with him some more and finally agreed to sell them for a million naira. 

Ikenta brought a bag full of money and handed it over to my dad. The total amount in the bag was five hundred thousand naira,for a pouch of diamonds worth over six hundred million naira. My dad was very happy that he was able to obtain something from the precious stones. However,Ikenta was the one who actually profited from their transaction,with the profit of five hundred and nineteen nine million, five hundred plus.  

" I'm now a rich man. I have always wished for a day like today to come," Ikenta hopped severally, with the coin pouch of diamonds jiggling in his hand. The happiness was going to drive him stark raving mad. "Township,here I come. " He rushed into his shop and started locking off. He opted for a scientific calculator and output some random figures on the calculator. Shortly, some unbelievable figures displayed on the screen.

"NGN 618,725,353.54(Six hundred and eighteen million,seven hundred and twenty five thousand,three hundred and fifty three naira). " He hopped uncontrollably almost gasping for air as he had just ran out of breath due to the overpowering happiness. And in truth, everybody would be stark raving mad at this point.

Ikenta quickly locked his shop and ran to his house. He hauled out all his luggages into a public bus and started off, relocating to the city. But something mysterious happened on his way. The public transportation bus was flagged down by a group of unknown young men who pretended to be going to the city,but it all happened they were robbers. Another mystery bolted when the robbers opted for Mr Ikenta with guns on the bus of about thirty people. He was the only one that was robbed. The robbers snatched the diamond pouch from him and ran away into the bush without hurting anyone. 

"Hey! I'm finished! I'm finished!! My money,all my life savings are gone! My diamond pouch is also gone" Ikenta wailed profusely sitting on the ground with his hands on his head. 

The three young men continued running into the woods till they arrived at a serene flowing stream.

"The ocean wealth is not for money ringers(Scammers)" One of the boys queried. 

"Ikenta stole what rightly belongs to the fountain of ocean wealth," Another boy replied in a raging tone. "He is lucky the king did not want to pronounce a negative judgement upon him for his dubious traits. " 

"Water boys! "The third boy thundered in a husky voice,stretching his right arm towards the other two boys. 

"We dominate and rule the water world. "The other two boys stretched forth their arms together with a reply,connecting with the first caller. So,they simultaneously withdrew their arms and quickly walked into the serene flowing water. They shape shifted into a shoal of fishes and swam away. 

It was not until my father got home that day,that he realized he had been duped of the sum of five hundred thousand naira by Ikenta. He hurried back to Ikenta's house,only for him to find out he had relocated to the city. 

A year later my mom got pregnant and I was conceived. This happened around 10:00PM Wednesday night. 

My father waited till it was 01:00AM midnight when my mum had slept off. He sneaked me out of the baby cot and took me to the chief priest's shrine. 

The chief priest and my father then went to the river side that night to fulfill the covenant of my recognition and sanctification in the water world. 

The sky was silver grey and the moon hug low into the horizon,casting it's shadow on the water surface. The chief priest unwaveringly got into the cool flowing water in a white cloth tied on his waist down to his knees. 

"Oh Hermes! The father of ocean wealth! Today,your son has been born and returned to you as instructed. " The chief priest took me from my father's arms and moved further into the flowing river till the water rose to his knees. 

A moment later,the moonlit glowing river spun and crashed down with a heavy thud until the water gods sprang into view in shimmering orbs. 

"Bring him to me. "The river god commanded. He collected me from the chief priest's arms and disappeared into the water. A few moments later he returned from the water and handed me back to the chief priest. 

"Go! Tell him to keep the boy unharmed and he should be named Hermione (The wisdom of his father)," He grinned. "Henceforth,the wealth in his home is incessantly. "The water god concluded and returned into the water. 

The chief priest turned around and started to sing," Hermione eh! Hermione eh!! Your wealth is unceasingly! Unceasingly!! Unceasingly!!!" He then stretched me towards my father. "Take back the child to his mother. He shall be named Hermione (The wisdom of his father) and it's done!" The chief priest instructed and danced back into the water. 

"Go back to your bedroom and lift your pillow. The diamond pouch you lost a year ago is restored. " The chief priest finalized with a dance in the water. 

"Thank you so much wise one. "My father said and returned to the house that night. 

... To Be Continued. 

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©️ Written By Rihanne Maya.

All credits to him.

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