Water Boy Chapter Seven : The Key Of Ocean Wealth - ©️ Written By Rihanne Maya




The Key Of Ocean Wealth

"Dark Lake looter! Dark Lake looter!! Dark Lake looter!!!" The crowd hurled curses on me as I was made to dance round the entire community and finally got to the king's palace. 

"Your highness! Your highness!! One of the dark lake looter has been caught. " A man thundered. 

Then the king and his kings men came out of the palace on hearing the resonating songs of his people. He lifted one of his arm up and the streams of wails went flat. 

"My people,what is it this time around?" King Ruby asked. 

King Ruby was a young man who was in his early thirties. He then strutted out in his royal purple robe. 

"Your highness,may you live long. We have been complaining and crying for years now; of how unknown strangers loots the priceless gifts of this community: which we can say is the jewels of the dark lake. " One of the man who seemed to be the leader of the youth explained. "Only for me to find this young man stealing from the dark lake. " 

"Abomination!!!" The crowd wailed. 

"Your highness! That's not all. I think that this young man right here possesses some kind of powers,because he caused a strange rainfall at the lake side. And then again, Eze the great hunter died from the poison of a mysterious snake," The man hurled lies on me. "As if that was not enough,the river gods surfed the dark lake for the first time ever. Your highness we are doomed. " He continued. 

"We are in big trouble!" Another would hurl, "This little boy is a curse to this land. "

Then the king moved closer to me and asked," Little boy,what's your name?" 

"Hermione! My name is Hermione!" I responded. 

"How old are you?" He asked again. 

"T-t-thirteen! T-t-thirteen years old!" I stuttered continuously. 

"So tell me nothing but the truth. What and what did you steal from the dark lake? I promise to spare you if you confess to me. " King Ruby probed. 

"I'm not a looter sir! I only came with my fellow students to appeal to the goddess of the dark lake for our school impending jewel hunting event. " I replied. 

"Appeal?! Appeal?!! That's the work of a chief priest," King Ruby asserted," Why would school students appeal to deities? What connection has the students and the goddess of the dark lake?" King Ruby asserted. "For the last time little boy,where is the ornament that you stole from the dark lake?"

"I-I-I-I am not a loot...!" I kept stuttering when the chief priest of the community arrived the palace. 

"Oh thank goodness the chief priest is here already!" King Ruby said. 

The chief priest probed me as he danced round in circles. He would sing continuously. Then he started sprinkling droplets of cool lemon grass water on me. He kept on for a while until he finally approached me," Youuuu! Little boy,who are you?" He probed," Because I see a key in your hand. This key is the key to unlock the wealth of the seven oceans. " He said. 

"Wait! What?! You mean he is ....!" King Ruby asserted when the chief priest cut in again. 

"He is a child from the water! He's father is the king of ocean wealth!" The chief priest said. 

"Ermm! Wise one,how do we unlock this ocean wealth upon our land? Because we have a well of wealth right in our midst already. He should unlock the wealth for us!" King Ruby asserted. 

"The little boy must agree before any blessing can be released," He replied. " So,young man! How do we unlock this ocean of wealth?" The chief priest inquired. 

"I don't know sirs,I don't know what you are talking about! I am not from any water or what you relate me with. I am a human being like everyone of you here. " I replied. 

"Then we need a confirmation from you that you're not extraordinary," The chief priest replied. " Prove to us right now!" 

"Say a word! Say a word!! Say a word!!!" The crowd wooed. 

"I don't even know what to say!" I stuttered. 

I paused for a moment and started talking in my heart," Who do I run to now? Who will help me from this mischief?" I questioned in my heart. 

A few moments later,the three water boys walked into the palace. No one saw them though,not even the chief priest felt their presence. 

"We are here to help you." The three boys chorused.

I surprisingly ingested," Can you hear me speak in my heart?" I probed. 

"Yes! At this point,it's best you communicate with us in your head and not audibly. This would save you a lot of troubles. " One of them replied without the movements of his lips. 

So I quickly scanned the chief priest if he had the ability to communicate in his heart too," Uhmmm him?" I said in my head.

"This potency is restricted to water children only. No one here is from the water,hence while they can't hear us. "  

I turned my focus to them and asked them in my heart," Please help me! I don't want to die! My parents know nothing about my sudden disappearance from the school. No one does except for the students that set me up. Please help me!" 

I was still communicating with the water boys inaudibly when the king cut in," I will give you an option to choose from. It's either you give me the key to the wealth of the ocean or get beheaded for being stubborn. " King Ruby cut in. "If you give me the key then I will show you the pathway out of my community alive. " He bargained. 

"Really?!" I asked in a happy tone. 

"Yes and it is a promise!" King Ruby asserted. 

"Do you want my advice? Then let's destroy this community. " One of the water boy said in his head. 

"What?! No way,you can't destroy a whole community! That's not an option please!" I replied in my head. 

"Then,tell the king to go to his bedroom. When he get there,he should lift his pillow,he will find a drawstring pouch. There are blessings in it. " One of the water boy said to me. 

So I quickly approached king Ruby," Your highness ,go to your room. When you get there,lift the pillow on your bed,you will find a drawstring coin pouch of diamonds. " I passed the message. The moment I passed the message,the three water boys disappeared. 

"Young man,I hope you're not playing tricks on me. Because it will not be funny if I found out that you're playing with my simplicity. " King Ruby said. " Guardddd!" He called and one of his guard rushed out to him. " Go to my bedroom. Check under the pillow and bring whatever you find there. " 

"Yes my king. " The guard said and rushed into the king's bedroom. 

Not quite long,he returned with a drawstring coin pouch," My king I found this little bag under your pillow,but I'm not sure of what's in it. " The guard said. 

"Open it then. " The king commanded. 

So the royal guard loosened up the drawstring coin pouch," Diamonds! My king! There are diamond stones in the bag!" He sounded. 

"Give it to me," The king snatched the pouch from him. " Let me see for myself. " He then opened the pouch and found glistening stones in it. 

"The ocean wealth has been opened! The boy has opened the ocean wealth upon this land. " He rejoiced. "Diamonds!!!"

"My king,can you please show me the pathway out of your village now?" I asked. 

"Not so fast water boy. You can't leave this land just yet! Guardddds!!!" King Ruby called aloud," Throw him into the prison. He is now our automatic teller machine. " 

Then three huge me hauled out and that was how I was thrown into a dungeon. The place was so dark like it was 12:00am midnight,even though it was still afternoon. All I did was cry and cry. 

The next day morning. The roaster had just ushered a new dawn and the golden sunrise was a perfect glow that lit up the faces of everyone as they had seen a favour from the dark goddess,as they thought. 

Farmers trooped out of their houses in numbers and young girls went to the streams and rivers to fill their empty drums and gallons as they had no drop of water left in their homes. 

That very day, something mysterious happened again.

All the girls had gone in groups to the stream with their empty gallons and buckets when they saw a strange man on the surface of the water.

He sat on a kingly golden chair that was halfway into the water. He had a very dark ebony skin tone. A well built body and broad shoulders. His hair was midnight black and long to his chest. A glowing crown sat comfortably on his head. While groups of strange men lurked around him with strange songs. 

"What is that on the water?!" Some of the girls probed. "Who are those in the water?" They would ask. 

The girls heard nothing but voices singing as the strange men lurked around the strange king in the water; King of the ocean wealth is coming! He is visiting your land with his wrath! The king father is here! You hold what's dear to him! Release the water boy or lose your heritage!" The men sang continuously. 

Then the girls screamed and sprinted back home with their gallons and buckets flying in the air. 

"Your highness!!!" They took to their heels in groups. 

... To Be Continued. 

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©️ Written By Rihanne Maya.

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