Water Boy Chapter One : Ocean Wealth -Written By Rihanne Maya




Ocean Wealth

The water was an icy shade of turquoise, sparkling in the sunlight.

"Oh Hermes! The father of ocean wealth,your son has come to harness your ocean wealth. " The chief priest incanted in a husky tone,throwing ritualistic materials into a flowing river. He would also sing and dance revolving round my kneeling dad in the water. The flowing water was up to his kneel level with a white cloth tied from his waist region down below his kneels. He had no shirt on except for the white cloth that was tied on his waist.  

"It is time! It is time to draw from the ocean of wealth," The chief priest in a pure white cloth tied from his waist down below his knees said," Rise! Rise!!" Then my father rose on his feet. 

"Get me the crate of fanta beverages. " The Chief priest commanded. 

One of his male  servants then brought a crate of fanta beverage. All the servants were also bare bodied except for the white clothes tied on their waists,"Hermes,the father of ocean wealth,we are here to drink from your kingdom in the ocean,made of gold,silver, sapphire, diamond, ruby, emerald and every other beautiful precious stones therein. "

Then the chief priest grasped a handbell by its slightly flexible handle. He moved his wrist, causing the clapper inside (which is on a hinge) to strike the outside of the bell, producing sounds. 

"I summon you! I summon you!! I summon you!!!" The chief priest would throw a bottle of fanta beverage into the flowing river as he called, accompanied with a sound of the handbell,until the crate of fanta beverages was emptied into the water. 

"Get me the eggs. " The chief priest called his servant in a loud voice for the second time. One of the servant then brought a stainless bowl of seven raw eggs. He picked up each of the eggs from the stainless bowl. He continued to sing as he threw the raw eggs into the flowing river. 

A few seconds later,the shimmering flowing river in her glorious curves swirled a rush and what seemed like a well built dark skinned human in glistening ornaments  and clothing emerged from the water. His hair was so black and long. He had a shinning diamond crown effortlessly sitting on his head

"To the earth,the king is here. " The chief called to signal everyone about the water god presence. 

The chief priest and all his servants knelt down in the water immediately," Go on your knees,right now. " The chief priest instructed my dad and he obeyed. 

"The deep sea is filled with treasures but it comes with a price," Hermes the sea god said in a thunderous tone,following sounds of lightning bolts," There's a sacrifice to pay. "

"Yes ,my lord. He is ready to pay any price just to drink from your kingdom of raw precious stones. " The chief priest replied bowing his head and looking away from the eyes of the water being. 

"Very good! First of all,I shall plant my seed in his wife's womb and she will give birth to a water child," Hermes the water god of ocean wealth said. "His continuous existence in his home shall spring forth a fountain of flowing wealth. He shall be called 'Hermione,' a boy after my own heart. " He thundered. 

"He?!" The chief priest inquired with a premium respect. 

"Yes! He shall rule my kingdom with me. I repeat,he shall be called 'Hermione." He said as his eyes kept sparkling like thunder lightning. 

To what seemed like eternity,the conversation between the water god and the chief priest continued,but my dad couldn't comprehend who or what the chief priest was communicating with. He could only hear the chief priest replies. 

"He must be returned to the water on the first day of his birth. You shall clean his body in this water for recognition and fortification," Hermes the water god instructed," And lastly,he must be returned to me in thirteen years time. I will not keep him with me in my kingdom under the sea,but he will answer whenever I want him by my side. "Hermes the water god said and melted into the water immediately like a dissolved ice. 

The moment the water god disappeared,the chief priest rose up on his knees and instructed my father and his servants to be on their feet as well. 

"Congratulations my child! Your plea has been accepted," The chief priest said," But,before this wealth comes into full manifestation, your wife shall give birth to a water boy. He must be returned to this water on the day of his delivery for recognition and sanctification. Then,your wealth will be ever ending!" The chief priest instructed in a bright smile on his face. 

"Wise one,will I remain poor until the water boy arrival in my home?" Dad inquired. 

He paused and heaved a sigh," My son,your wealth has been released already by the water god,Hermes. You will start receiving favour from men all around the world. But,the major wealth arrives the day the boy arrive your home. "

The smile on my father's face was priceless," Wow! I can't wait to conquer my kingdom. " He replied. " After all,I have three children already. Having the fourth one as a child from the water is plus one and a huge blessing. " 

"Now go. Look for anything to do.The water god works with natural things. You will start prospering henceforth. " The chief priest instructed in his glorious smile. 

"Thank you wise one. " My father greeted. 

"The moment you get home,go into your bedroom and shut the door. Then,raise your pillow,the water god has kept some money there for you to start with. "The chief priest instructed again.  

"Thank you once again,wise one. "My dad acknowledged. 

My dad returned home after the completion of the water rituals. 

That same afternoon,my dad rushed into his bedroom. He then locked the door. 

"I smell wealth in the air,wealth! That's my new name. " My dad rose his pillow and found hundred pieces of diamond stones," Diamond stones! I thought it would be naira notes. " He thought to himself. 

It was not up to a minute after he had confirmed the word of the water god,a knock dropped on his room door. 

"My husband,I'm back from the market. "My mum called behind the room door. 

"Oh! I will be right there shortly. " My dad replied grinning to his ears as he approached the door.  

... To Be Continued. 

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All credits ©️ Written By Rihanne  Maya.

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