Water Boy Chapter Four : The Devils Snare - Written By Rihanne Maya




The Devil's Snare

The first day in my school was known as freshman year ceremony where all the new students are being celebrated and grouped for impending activities. 

The first subject we had that day was Mathematics. The class was almost divided into two sets of students: the ones that pay unceasing attention to studies and the ones that constitute nuisance. 

The Mathematics teacher,Mrs Helen Michael discovered that some students were distracting her from the back roll,so she told the boy and the girl to solve the square root equation. They blatantly refused to come out at all. 

"Chelsea and Femi,I want the both of you out now. " She yelled at the students. They sluggishly dragged their feet on the floor, disturbing the entire class till they finally got to her. " I can see that the both of you are too big for an adult to discipline. No problem,but if another student answer this question correctly. He or she will deal with the both of you. " She thundered. 

"Hermione,answer the question please. "She said to me. 

So I walked over to the white board and collected the temporal marker. Then I solved the equation correctly with ease. 

"Clap for him. " She said and the entire class applauded me but the group at the back along with Chelsea and Femi blatantly refused. The teacher asked me to give them five strokes of cane each. I did and returned to my seat. 

"I think you have just dared the devil and his cohorts. " My roommate Alex said to me. 

"How do you mean?" I asked. 

"He means that Chelsea and Femi will definitely get back at you in one way or the other for accepting to punish them. " Rukky my seat mate added. 

To what seemed like a threat,I noticed how some of the students would gulped up to each of their seatmates, trying to whisper into their ears. I guess I was the only one who never knew what was actually up. 

"Their uncle is the principal of this school. So,expect favouritism should anything conspire between you and those two people. "Alex explained," You just got transferred here from your previous school. So, no matter what you do,try to stay away from their path. "

"And who exactly are they?" I inquired. 

"Chelsea and Femi has an elder brother named Donyell. He's one of the best senior swimmer in this school after Ethan. Although he's good but he's no match to Ethan. "Alex explained. 

"And who's Ethan?!" I inquired. 

"He's my crush! I mean every girl's crush! Above all,he's the best water boy in our school. "Rukky shifted in. 

"Hmhh!!!" Mrs Helen Michael cleared her throat to dispatch our chats," You over there stop talking. " She said. 

The moment I looked up to her,I saw a strange girl standing at Mrs Helene Michael's left hand side,just opposite the white board. The girl had an earthen pot of fire on her head. She would whisper inaudibly and throw things into the earthen pot of fire,but I wasn't sure what that was. Again,she had one of her arm stretched towards the teacher and what seemed like bright smokes were oozing out of the teacher's body. I quickly stared back at Chelsea and Femi. She was grinning nonstop as if she knew what was about to happen. 

I needed to distract the strange girl. So I had to scream out the teacher's name," Mrs Michael!" The entire class suddenly projected their stares towards me. 

"And I said stop talking!" Mrs Helen Michael thundered at me. 

Rukky and Alex had to adjust their gesture to avoid getting punished by her. 

I looked forward again but didn't see the girl with an earthen pot of fire on her head. At this point, Chelsea had a mode switch from her grinning to a straight face. 

"She's gone!" I muttered in disbelief. 

"Selection of swimmer ceremony is about to take place. Every students will go out after this class for the selection and grouping. " She said," Once you hear the bell, quickly go out for it. " She announced and quickly out of the class. 

The bell had been rung when Mrs Helen Michael left the classroom. So all the students cleared off the classroom, approaching the school's Hallmark auditorium. 

When we got to the auditorium,the senior students were already there waiting for us. They stood at the front stage to monitor every movements of the junior students. These events grouping are usually carried out by the senior students and not the teachers. Prior to the time the bell was rung,some of the teachers had gone to the teacher's staff room. 

"It's another 365 days of nonstop entertainment in our school. All students are to be grouped into two boots," The school president Liam was carrying a basket of folded papers as he announced. He then moved to a Showbox and emptied the basket into it. "Every students will move in rolls to pick up a piece of lucky paper from this Showbox. So, good luck champions. " 

Then a female senior students stepped out to make the last announcement," For the two boots,we have boot Ethan and boot Donyell. " She announced and returned to her position. 

A few moments later,two senior students walked into the platform. There was excitement and anticipation in the air as the students started singing, and chanting for the boot leaders. The noise kept getting louder and louder as other students arrived and joined in. There were lots of fans, cramming their way into every available seat. The seats were made of cold, hard plastic, and painted black and white.

One of the boot leaders calmly lifted up his hand to terminate the rush of screams and loud anticipations. So everywhere dropped calmly," My name is Ethan. I hope you stay with me. "He said and moved backward as rounds of applauses reverberated into the air. 

Then the second boot leader moved forward,"My name is Donyell. I hope you stay by me. "He said and moved backward into his position as claps resonated from the crowd. 

Shortly after the introduction,every student started making his or her way to the Showbox.

After each student had picked a lucky paper from the Showbox,I unwrapped my own lucky paper and found out I was in 'Boot Ethan'. 

Rukky and Alex did the same and they were in boot Ethan as well. 

A moment after the lucky -numbers picking,every students crammed out into their boots,managed and organized by their boot leaders. 

"Excuse me champions,I'm going to get something real quick. "Ethan said and ran off he had informed us about the impending events. 

Rukky blushed all through the organizing section," He's my dream man. Ethan is just perfect for every girl. Ermm! Mostly me. He's perfect for me alone!" She would argue with herself. "Did you perceive the fragrance of his cologne earlier? The earthy and lemon mix is the greatest match-up. It's giving masculinity. "

"Toxic masculinity at that. And who's dragging him with you?" Alex quizzed. 

"Other girls! Yes they are. Especially Chelsea!" She replied. 

I was busy reflecting on what happened earlier in our classroom when all of a sudden,I saw myself out of our school's environment. I stood facing an ocean somewhere far from our school. 

"Where am I?!" I thought to myself. "Why am I looking at the ocean? I was in our school's environment talking with Alex and Rukky. " 

Just then,a dark skinned man sprang out of the water. The previous dream I had is the best description of who he was. This time around,he came alone. 

"What do you want this time around? Why are you tormenting my life?" I asked him in between sobs. 

"I'm not here to harm you, Hermione. I'm only here to tell you to beware of the impending dangers ahead of you. " He said. "Secondly,your earthly father is failing to fulfill the part of his own covenant with me. I will like to punish him but I want you to know my reasons first. "

"Who are you and what do you want?" I asked again. 

"You may not know me. But I want you to have this diamond necklace, "He stretched his arm towards me. " Put it on always. It's going to direct you out of lurking dangers. " 

So I stretched my hands towards him and collected the necklace from the palm of his hand," Thank you!" I said. 

"What you saw in your classroom earlier is just a tip of what awaits you. But... ! He disappeared when I started to hear my name. 

"Hermione! Hermione!! Hermione!!!" Alex and Rukky chorused. 

I jolted immediately," Sorry guys. I got lost in my own thoughts. I was actually thinking about what happened in the class this morning. " I forged. 

Then I felt like something was in my hands. So I opened my hand and found the diamond necklace that the strange Water-man had given to me in my hand," The necklace! It wasn't my illusion afterall. "I covered my palm tightly again when I had seen the necklace. 

It was not long,Donyell walked into our boot. He stopped the moment he got to where I was standing.

"Hermione right?" He asked," Sorry about the way my younger sister and acted earlier. My name is Donyell. " 

"Oh! You're the Donyell. I heard you're a current holder of the best swimmer here.It's nothing. We learn every day. " I answered. 

"No,Ethan is. Anyway,we will be going for jewel hunting in the dark lake. Would you like to join us? It's not deep though." He asked. 

"I thought it was met for senior students only?" I inquired. "Afterall I'm not a good swimmer. " The dark lake was the same lake that the three water boys told me about. 

"I can speak with the authority to include your name in the list. " He said.

"No really,I'm not interested. "I replied. 

"Okay then. " He smiled and walked away. 

... To Be Continued.

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©️ Written By Rihanne Maya

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