Timaya Has Some Advice For The Youths Of Today


The music legend woke up today and felt that it is important to encourage those who will truly value his words of encouragement and put them into practice to prepare for a better future. These are the things he said:


“As a young man in trouble, avoid drugs, avoid womanizing; As a young man in need, avoid competition and good taste, especially when your pockets are low.”


Sometimes do it for your parents who believed in you, many of our parents worked very hard, they didn't even eat good food, they send you to school and the next minute you are doing drugs, womanizing and forgetting their struggles. Your parents are fighting and you wear 300,000 wigs and compete with people you don't even know?


"Young people need to come back to reality, the life they live now can easily destroy them. Think about where you come from and their expectations of you before doing what you do. Do you see that club closed yesterday? And it's still open. Calm down and be intentional in life now that you still have strength”


The rate at which young people smoke today is crazy. Since your life is your rules, you must know how to say that your life is also its consequences. When does it hit? Don't look for someone to cry with.

This advice made my day, I hope it made yours too.

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