Remember nollywood Child Starr little Daniella ?


This story is touching if You do not have a strong heart please don’t read 🥹🥹😭 😭😭

little Daniella"

She was the most beautiful k!d in nollywood .  Beautiful from her hair , color to her brain .  She was on set for every movie that needed a kid .  She starred in more than 30 movies in the Nollywood.

At 15 she lost her mother , And her was her only Guardian , she had almost nobody to take care of her again .  Nollywood actors and actresses sñubbed her at a moment she was strūggling alone with no family members to care for her. 

At 17 a young man took her in , because she had no way to stay , somehow she got pręgnant, no one to carter for her .  She is now back in the trenches and no one cares for her.  

This life is indeed scary sometimes and very unbalanced, people really don’t care that much , always know you are on your own no matter what happens, If you are a parent , pray you live long enough to take care of your kids , the days are evil and no one cares,

Many believes that the very moment you leave , you expose them to the public. 

There are many young people out there whose lives have been męssed up because they lost a parent or a helper and the government is not equally trying in anyway to assist 😭😭😭😭😭😭

What do you have to say 😭😭😭

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