Olamide asked me to leave the girlfriend I had when I became a star (Asake)


This is one of the greatest testimonies I have ever heard and truly describes a perfect boss, said Asake

“Olamide asked me to leave the girlfriend I had when I became a star”

Now, for many who would ask how perfect his advice was to ask his artist to leave his long-time girlfriend, who was by his side before his fame, now see the reasons below.

   “When I earned my first big paycheck from music, I was so happy that I shared the news with my girlfriend. I told her all the details of how much I earned and the next day I gave her two million naira as a gift. To my surprise, she refused the money saying that two million was very little compared to how much I had earned. Remember he told her how much he earned, probably if he hadn't told her, maybe she would have appreciated the money given to her from him.

He added: I was a little worried because this girl comes from a humble background and I never imagined she would be like this. I explained the situation to Olamide as her boss and he advised me to leave the girl, he also advised me to send the two million Naira to my mother. I am happy that my mother was able to put the money to good use and open a large provision store. My mother no longer calls me for financial reasons because she is very well off. Asake.

Olamide is not only a record label boss but also a great teacher. It's something you all need to hear because I'm sure the girl only acted because she heard how much he earned, but a real woman will never react that way because of the possibilities of her losing your respect for her, even though she is said to never reveal her secrets to a woman, even the strongest woman can use your secret against you.

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