I hope everyone agrees that Nigerian men are the best, SteffLondon reveals secrets.


Relationships never last nowadays but still some real homies are out there making the African and black race proud with some jigolo skills and still for an artist believe me he just won another award in the other room . Hear what SteffLondon had to say about Burna Boy which got the internet on fire.

"Burna Boy is the reason I respect Nigerian men so much. He cares about my sexual pleasures. He makes me cum two to three times before cumming once during intimacy. Sometimes, I missed him"

She further added, “Many still don’t understand why my breakup with Burna Boy hurt me so much. I'm rich, beautiful, sexy and every man wants those curves, you know what I mean? But no man has ever been able to handle me the way Burna Boy did when we were dating. He always prioritized me in bed and made sure I came at least twice before he came once. He is the reason I respect Nigerian men."

They practice what they preach. No man I've dated my entire life has cared about my sex life like Burna. Some things didn't work out, but I must admit that to him!

This is what SteffLondon Burna's ex-girlfriend confesses, which has got many talking and, believe me, it only takes enough courage for a lady to come out publicly and declare such secrets about intimacy that say so much about the perfection of the man in the other room.

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