How Could Wizkid Deny Afro Beats : Popsy Is Just Doing Too Much

Wizkid used to be called the king of afrobeats and today he chose to disown afrobeats. I don't just want to say something bad about his decisions but how,

Even Wizkid says that he is not an afrobeat artiste as if he can survive without afrobeat that's why he got all the recognition from him today. I love Wizkid, but I don't know who makes him talk this way. Wizkid doesn't talk much, but since he started talking these days there is always one rubbish or another because this word is not normal..

Maybe he has started to see himself as the next Burna Boy because Burna started this and I don't even rate them together because they are all big boys and have the right to decide what they like but no one should disrespect the beats afro, please.

It's not about emulating Burna Boy, can they do half of what Burna Boy is doing? That's what I want to ask of you. Everyone is doing well despite disrespecting Afro sounds!

You used afrobeat to get to the level you are at today. The next thing you should do now is respect afrobeat. Lastly he should stop |nsu|ting and disrespecting his fans who made him what he is today, we love you wizkid and you have done nothing wrong to deserve all this, if music is no longer in your agenda, please stop doing this to us. What is the meaning of you being richer than everyone who says he was richer or do you want to start buying them like the Nollywood stars competing for who can buy them?

 Only Burna Boy has claimed from time to time that he is not an Afrobeat artist. So this strategy that Wizkid is using to promote his new album will be good only if he does not continue to disrespect African rhythms which is Afrobeats. 

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