Here Is A Word To Give You Goosebumps : Oluwa Dolarz Once Accommodated Lamba Without Anyone knowing And He Was Calm

 When you have a chance to help someone in life, never abuse it against them because tomorrow is very different from what you see today, dear ones, here is what Oluwa Dolarz has to say about his days with Lamba,
     “Lamba was homeless, he came to my house on a birthday and refused to come back” Oluwa Dolarz!

He further added, “Sydney threw a party for me at my house, almost 80% of the industry came, Lamba came, when everyone left, he didn't. He did two days, 3 days and I couldn't send him away. I'm the kind of person who can't kick someone out of their house. I know what it's like to be where you're not wanted, so I had to start a family. Look what God is doing, today he owns houses and exotic cars"

Some of you feel upset when a friend spends a week with you while trying to settle down. You have never suffered unless you have been somewhere where they don't want you and you have nowhere to go. Learn to help people who are in trouble, no one knows they may not make it tomorrow,

And I'm here to tell you that I agree with everything he says, because these words are really the core of all the consequences of life, because you don't know the pain of suffering in real time on Earth, just be grateful and also believe that One day some people below your level will be able to meet each other or even become better.

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