Edge Of Seventeen Chapter Six : Rise Of Terror - Written By ©️ Rihanne Maya




Rise Of Terror

The sunset was not spectacular that day. The vivid ruby and tangerine streaks that so often caressed the blue brow of the sky were sleeping. Neon and I sat by the stream, throwing rocks across, scaring anything away," It's getting dark Kelsey. It's time to return back home. Mom should be back by now. " Neon said with a hand over my shoulder. 

"That's right. "I gently stood from the rock and turned to move away when my granduncle,Mr Frank sprang out of God knows where," Uncle Frank!" I jolted. 

"So,you boys are finally together huh?" Granduncle, Frank thundered with a knife in his hand. 

I probed at him and found out he had stains of blood around his mouth like he had drunk a glass of blood or something.

"Who are you? Kelsey,who's this man and why is he holding a knife at you?" Neon inquired. 

"Oh! Kelsey you haven't told him about me yet? No problem,I will make you understand soonest. " Uncle Frank then rushed out at me with the knife hung out in his hand. But Neon wielded a weapon out of the blue against my uncle. He fell to the ground with a hard knock-down. 

Few seconds later,a strange lady emerged from the water beside us wielding some magical powers. I was pulled effortlessly to her grip,till I started to gasp for air," It is a covenant to sacrifice Kelsey to me. Neon,you have no right to intrude into this match," Goddess Eve asserted. 

"And who are you too?" Neon probed. 

"You do not have to know me," She said," By the time I'm done with Kelsey,I will be back for you. " She replied and disappeared with me into the water. 

"Kelsey! Kelsey!! Kelsey!!!" Neon gave a thunderous call. 

The scene started to wear off gradually. It was a dream!

"Jesus!!!!!!!!!!" Neon and I chorused as we both jolted sweating profusely from sleep. Neon awoke to the anxious thudding of his heart and cold sweat upon his brow.

The nightmare had left him anxious and unable to sleep. Yet, at the same time, he could not bring himself to get out of bed," What did I just dream about? Kelsey! This boy,are you a wizard? Why do I keep having nightmares about you?" He thundered but I didn't respond to him. 

Gasping for air, I woke up breathless from the nightmare that felt all too real," Uncle Frank again? What does he actually want?" I muttered without paying attention to what Neon had said. 

"Pray you are not who I think you are," Neon swung his mode into beetle-browed, stern man, and this morning he did not seem to be in the best of tempers," You know what? You can have the room all to yourself tonight,as for me,I'm going to get a hotel to pass the night. " He hopped out of his bed ,grabbed his car keys and strutted out. 

"You can't possibly drive at this hour. It's late. "I said but as usual,he didn't respond," Will the security allow him out of the dormitory?" I thought to myself. 

Neon left school anyway. 

The moon shone brightly on the dark, empty never-ending road ahead whilst he drove downtown. The wind kept him company whispering in his ears. 

A dark figure appeared in the distance. As he got closer it appeared to take a human form, so he quickly slammed his foot on the brake pedal and came to a sudden halt. 

He saw an old woman limping, struggling to carry a big bulky suitcase that she was dragging behind her. She was unshaven and unwashed and her shirt buttons were done up all wrong. Slowly Neon wound down the window. She kept getting more younger and prettier as she drew closer to Neon's car. 

"Could you give me a lift down the road please?" She asked in a very shaky voice. Exhaustion was putting strain on Neon's heavy eyes that he was forcing to keep open; He couldn't leave her there, so he replied "Of course" still not quite.

"Thank you so much sir. "She greeted as she took a seat. 

"But what is a beautiful girl like you doing out here at this time?" Neon probed. 

"I wasn't alone," She paused," My boyfriend and I were driving downtown when we had an argument. He pushed me out of his car and drove off, leaving me in the dark,"She forged,"I had to hide somewhere close to the road,so to flag down a car,until you came. "

"My goodness,he's so heartless, leaving such a beautiful young lady like you," Neon said," How old are you?" 

"I'm sixteen years old sir. "She responded. 

"Wow! Sweet sixteen. "Neon continued as he drove downtown. 

"So,why are you driving late at this hour?" She asked. 

"Maybe God wants me to meet you," Neon grinned at her," Don't mind me. " He said. 

"Let me guess,you had an argument with a friend too," She guessed," So,you got pissed and left the room. " She said. 

"What?!" Neon jolted. 

"Don't,it's just a guess,and I believe I got that right," She said," Tell me what happened. " 

"My friend wanted to know about my personal secrets," He forged.

"Boy or girl?" She asked. 

"Boy. " He replied. 

"What right had he to probe into your personal life?" The girl thundered.

"It's everything okay?" Neon asked in shock. 

"Yes!" She replied. 

My mother's bedroom same night.


"Jesus!!!!!" My mother screamed out of her nightmare. Terror locked her in place. Her heart was pounding faster with every thump and smash she could hear in the room by the strange howling wind. 

"My boys! My children!! Frank leave my children to me. Don't harm my children. " She screamed out aloud. 

... To Be Continued.

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Written By ©️ Rihanne Maya.

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