Edge Of Seventeen Chapter Seven : Fighting Temptation - Written By ©️ Rihanne Maya




Fighting Temptation

"Blood of Jesus! Blood of Jesus! Kelsey! My children will not dies in the mighty of Jesus," 

Drenched in sweat and with a racing heart, she woke up disoriented from the nightmare, unsure of where she was or what was real," My God! My second son is alive" 

She had just woken up from a nightmare. Her eyes were completely open and able to move, but she couldn't move any other part of her body. For all intents and purposes, she was awake. All of a sudden as she was paralyzed, she saw a large, black, ghostly figure through her closed closet doors. He passes through the closed doors and quickly approaches her bedside. At this point she was terrified, wishing for it to be over and having absolutely no control over the situation. For fifteen seconds, the vision of the ghost zooms in and out as her head and heart were pounding in sync with the movement of the apparition. Finally, just as quickly as it began, the shadowy figure faded out of existence and she regained control of her body.

"Sarah!!!" A quivering voice became apparent. 

She realize that she was essentially awake through this whole episode as she didn't have to open her eyes after it was all done.

"Sarah!!! What's wrong with you?!" It was grandaunt Annabel who was calling her," I heard your screams. What's wrong?" She asked. 

Her wavery panting kept echoing as she managed to open her mouth," My children,uncle Frank wants to harm my twin boys!" She quivered. 

"Twin boys?! What twin boys?! You have a son and not twin boys!" Aunt Annabel probed. 

"I had two twin boys that night," She outted," Uncle Frank sold one of the boys, threatening to throw me out of his house if I had refused the offer. " Streams of tears flowed continuously on her cheeks. 

"What?! Wait! You mean to tell me that you had twin babies the night you put to birth?! A set of twins," Aunty Annabel asked in disbelief," Holy Mary,for good seventeen years now. "

My mum couldn't let out more words as she was dumbfounded in shock. 

"Frank,you will never change. " Aunt Annabel queried. 

"He's threatening to kill my sons," She said," The worse of it all is that I don't even know who he sold the baby to and Mark hasn't call neither is he bothered about me and the children I had for him. " My mother paused. 

"It will be difficult to locate Mark since you have not been to his house here in Lagos before your departure. Another thing is that,he must be married with children by now,so I don't think it's a good idea to start looking for him after seventeen years. " Aunty Annabel suggested," The only thing we can do right now is to pray for the children that nothing happens to them. Tomorrow morning, I will take you to my prophet. He will tell what to do about this. " She said. 

"Okay aunty. " Mum replied. 

Same night,04:30AM at the river.

The cloudy night let through a river of starlit sky, as if the heavens had cracked open the storm. The strange girl had returned to the river to report her mission with Neon,back to the river goddess," I met with the older twin few hours ago. He's name is Neon and he's in the same university with his twin brother,Kelsey," The strange girl stretched out her hands towards the flowing river," They are yet to discover that they are brothers,even though they are both in the same room 2-2-4." She said. 

"Excellent job my daughter. You have made this journey easy for Frank," The river goddess,Eve said. 

The following day. 

The sun dipped below the horizon, painting the sky in hues of pink and gold,Aunt Annabel took my mum to her prophet as promised. It was a celestial prophet. When they arrived at the church,the prophet revealed that my mum's eyes will open once my twin brother and I stepped our feet in her circle," The day the missing twin boy will step his feet into your circle with his younger brother,is the day you will regain your sight. " He said. 

"Wise one,when will this happen? Cause it's already taking long enough. " Aunty Annabel asked. 

"It's already seventeen years now. Your blind is as a result of the covenant you made in a shrine the day you were pregnant. Again,your uncle knows about this. If your eyes are open,you will face severe attacks from him because his life is in danger too. " Be said and walked round them with a bell ringing continuously in his hand. 

"Errr! What connection does my uncle's life has with this?!" Mum asked. 

"Go home my daughters,it's not yet time to spill out what you need to hear. I will send for the both of you once this battle is set up. " The prophet concluded and dismissed them. 

"Thank you sir. "Mum and aunty Annabel chorused as they walked out of the Celestial church. 

... To Be Continued. 

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Written By ©️ Rihanne Maya,

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