Edge Of Seventeen Chapter One : Separated At Birth - Written By Rihanne Maya




Separated At Birth

Laying in the bed, the pain was clear on my mother's face. She screamed every five seconds, hoping the baby would shoot out easily. Though, that wasn't the case. She tried breathing exercises like the midwife suggested, yet, still, the contractions continued to wear her down.

Then, it came. A gush of water came out of her body, causing her, and grandpa Frank, to shriek.

"So,it's your plan to strip me of my chieftaincy honour right? You and you twin babies will not enter my house. " Grandpa Frank queried. "I am now a figure of fun in the counsel of elders,that my daughter of seventeen years is pregnant," He rubbed his knuckles and heaved a sigh. " Pregnant for a corper,a corper you don't even know his whereabouts. No idea of where he's from or any of his family members. Shame on you,Sarah,shame! "Grandpa thundered. "It's been three hours now that corper Mark was informed about your delivery,where is he now?" Grandpa Frank queried. 

My grandpa Frank had just gained a chieftaincy titleship position in our village before my mother was due for delivery. The disadvantage here was that, they believed that twin babies were a taboo and the children desecrated their chieftaincy titleship. Other men who were also aiming at my grandpa's titleship position planted their ears everywhere to be sure whether or not my mum would give birth to set of twins. 

"Papa,I never asked God for a set of twins inorder to rub you of your chiefly position. I believe Mark's on his way!" Sarah,my mum replied in pains. "Once be gets here,he can have the boys and nobody will find out about this. "

"On his way for how many hours now? And he had to turn off his phone too simply because he's on his way! Beautiful!" Grandpa fired with disbelief written all over his face. "No problem,give birth to the boys. They are not entry my house. They should go and look for their father. "

"It's time," the doctor interrupted. "Sarah, I'm going to need you to push,the second child is about coming out."

And she listened… She pushed and pushed long and hard. An hour past before they made progress. The head finally showed. 

"This isn't good," Doctor Julia exclaimed. She widened her eyes. "It looks like something isn't right with him. It's the umbilical cord… it's wrapped around his neck."

"My goodness!" Grandpa grabbed his chest and started heaving.

"What does that mean?!" Sarah yelled through her pushing and pain.

"If we don't get the second baby out now, he is going to die."

"Do a C-section," the midwife said.

"It's too late. By the time I get ready to that the baby will be dead. I'm sorry, but we're going to have to rely on faith alone for this."

"I'm out of strength already," Sarah,my mum said. Her body was hot, heavy and in pain after she had given birth to the first son." Mark! Mark where are you? You brought me into this mess. " She felt like this nightmare would never end.

It was as if she had gone to hell and back, though the fire continued to burn. Yes, this moment was supposed to be sweet and memorable, except it wasn't. Sarah wanted all the agonizing to end. Right here. Right now.

Everyone hovered around her like wild animals. She needed space. She needed air. "Get this thing out of me!" she shouted, squeezing grandpa's hand tightly. If the second baby didn't leave her body soon, she might faint.

"Do you need water?" grandpa chanted.

"Is the position comfy enough for you?" the midwife asked for the eightieth time.

"Keep pushing, you're almost there," the doctor reminded her.

No one knew what really happened to the corper that impregnated her. All my mum really wanted was for them to…. "Shut up!!" she screamed, still heaving and pushing steadily. Then, entering the room was grandma. She went by the bed and held up on of mum's legs to help.

"Mom," Sarah said, relieved. If anyone could brighten her day it would be her mom,my grandma.

"It's fine, all you need to do is keep breathing. You successfully pushed the first boy out two days ago,you will definitely push the second twin out."

"They said he has a—"

Sarah's mother(grandma) shushed her. "I already know," she said. "Just keep pushing. Don't quit now or all of this was for nothing."

They went on like this for a while. Breathing, chanting, and pushing. It was a repeated cycle. Mum, feeling drowsy, was beginning to pass out. Who knew how long she had left to continue on like this.

The second baby(me) didn't seem like he wanted to come out, anyway. My head popped back into my mother's body so quickly. Because of the blood being slippery, the doctor couldn't get a good grip on the head. It wasn't until the next long push that got the job done. Half the baby exited mum's body and the doctor was able to pull out the rest of the body.

Immediately after the doctor cut the cord from around my neck, I,the crying baby boy was put on mum's chest. Grandma stood close,smiling. Grandpa wore a straight and pained face. 

"Thank God for a successful delivery. A set of twins!" Grandma quickly returned her face to the baby's cot closed to the bed where my elder brother was laid. " So,this my grand son right here came out two days ago! What I do not understand is why his younger brother has to come out after 72 hours! " Grandma thought to herself. 

"Thank you mum,thank you dad," Mum said, looking deep into my eyes. And with that, I went silent. No more crying, just silent.

"So you mean to say that Mark hasn't arrived yet?" Grandma asked. "Why are corpers fond of impregnating innocent girls and disappear after that?"

"Are you blaming the young man? You should blame your daughter who shamelessly opened her legs for him. Not Mark,blame Sarah. "Grandpa thundered. "Now she has been delivered of a set of twins! Two boys!"

"I believe he will come. Maybe something went wrong. "Mum replied. 

"How do we pay the hospital bills if the corper that impregnated you fail to come?" Grandpa heaved a sign. A yawn followed immediately as he had been there for two days without any food. "I guess we will have to remain here in the hospital untill we pay the bills. "

"Let just hope he's fine wherever he is. And then again,my husband you should eat something. I brought some food for you and Sarah. "Grandma said but grandpa shunned her and walked out of the ward. 

A few moments later,he returned into the ward. 

"I am going to give the both of you two options; it is either one of these babies is gotten rid off or none of you will enter my house. "Grandpa conditioned. "Option number one,it is either the older boy of three days ago will be sold to a childless couple or ritualists. "

"Blood of Jesus!" My mum and grandma chorused. "Ritualists?!" 

"I do not have time here, pick one option fast or the both of you will not enter my house from this hospital. "When grandpa slated out his options,they couldn't opt out of any, so they decided to pick one. 

"Not ritualists at least!" Grandma wept secretly. "The best option is for the boys to be separated but to childless couples and not ritualists. " 

"So be it. "Grandma approached the baby cot and took out my older brother. 

"Can I at least hold my baby for the last time and know the couple that he is going to?" My mum inquired. 

"No way,you are not seeing anyone. "Grandpa then left the ward with the baby. 

It was not up to ten seconds after grandpa left the room with my elder brother,my mother went blind immediately. "My eyes! Mama I can't see! My eyes!" She screamed profusely. 

"Sarah what's wrong with your eyes?!" Grandma wailed fearfully. " Doctor! Doctor!" She quickly ran out to call the doctor. 

12:30AM, midnight at the hospital. 

"This is the baby. He was born three days ago by my daughter. "Grandpa bargained with his buyer. 

"He's so cute! So how much are we looking at?" Jessica asked. 

"Babies prices varies depending on their genders. "Grandpa said. While a baby boy is given out for between NGN900,000 and NGN1.5 million naira,the girl goes  for NGN800,000 and below. 

"So,I will give you NGN1.5 million naira at least to compensate you for your lost. "Jessica said.

"Nice doing business with you. "Grandpa then handed my brother to Jessica. 

... To Be Continued.

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Written By ©️ Rihanne Maya


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